she made her decision

I Was With Her for 6 Years – She Made Her Decision

Real men and women do exist. Only minority have negative attitudes towards their partners. Read the story of Bradley Simon. This story has been shared upon his permission. Since there are a lot of GBV issues in Papua New Guinea, Bradley’s story can inspire and educate young people of Papua New Guinea.

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she made her decision“I was with my Ex for 6 years. I know for longtime aye I took her out of her family to be with me. Spent money, travel places with her but all hit a crossroad when she made her decision to follow someone else without me knowing after 6 years.

Yes I hit a brick wall that was worse ever in my life. I wanted to hit someone. I wanted to get to where she was staying but it wasn’t worth it. She made her decision and I found it through my family and friends.

I could have done something bad easily because I have family backing or taking them to court or easily get to where she was and do something I would later regret. I was going nuts…

Yes I wanted to fight for what I love but will that make her love me again??? I made my decision to accept and walk away and she made hers as well to love another dude which I broken heartedly Respected. So I dropped every thing and walked away.

This is the story of Bradley Simon.

I don’t let her go because the other dude was better than me but I wanted to be better than myself. I wanted to find my worth. I don’t want to compare myself with this other dude. I made it my choice to walk away. I do still have big respect for her and I still see her as good friend of mine because she did play a part in my life which I’m always grateful and I have no grudges against her TBH.

I was hurt but I took it on my chin and walked away because I did fail her as well in life and when she did that, I had to respond as a man and not do things to hurt her but let her go, take the pain and move on. And I believe that’s what the real man should do.

I know my story might be different from some of you brothers and yea you might have kids between you both but it is still not right to take such action and as dad to your children as a real man in your community. Not Right.

Please my brothers. Spend how much as you want to for your girlfriend but know that’s how much you love her and it doesn’t give you any rights to take away her life. Spending money and doing good thing is out of love and it doesn’t give you right to threaten her not to leave you because of how much you have spent and love for her.

If you want another taste then go and let her go as well. You can’t keep her in hostage just because of how much you have done for her. I can tell you that you are not a man and strong man don’t keep people as their slave. You are disgrace to man that stand up willing to change our society.

You are an animal if you think you pay for love. Money won’t buy happiness. HEART will.

-Bradley Simon


I am sharing this story upon his permission. Since there are a lot of GBV issues in Papua New Guinea, Bradley’s story will not only inspire but to educate our young people.

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