This is the story of Renee Nuina Manus. Renee is from Nebiliyer District in Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. Her story can inspire all high school dropouts in Papua New Guinea.

Story of a Papua New Guinea Highschool Dropout Completes University with High Distinction


Five years ago (2015) I found myself as a grade 12 “drop out”. It was the lowest point in my life. I cried and thought life was unfair and questioned myself, my capabilities and my talents.

Other’s looked down on me, some made demeaning comment’s saying that I would never get anywhere in life, and many doubted me which greatly affected my self esteem and self worth. But I thank God that I Never Gave Up! He gave me the Strength to Endure on!

That year I became a teacher’s assistant to get some little money to upgrade my marks. I worked hard, prayed and persevered on.

Flash forward five years on and I stand humbled and blessed to have graduated from Papua New Guinea University of Technology with flying colours.

On the 24/11/20, I received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry Degree with Merit, and I was recognized as the Best Final Year Student with Highest Academic Performance in Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry – Research Project.

Five years ago, I would have never imagined such an achievement to be possible. But I first thank God for His continuous guidance and strength upon my life and I secondly thank my parents for never giving up on me. This achievement would never have been possible without them and I dedicate this degree to them.

What is your message to other young people who are in similar situation?

My message to young people of Papua New Guinea out there who might find yourself in such a situation that I found myself in is that NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP! ALWAYS PUT GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING! AND NEVER LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE WORDS OTHERS MIGHT SAY TO YOU.

Always strive to push FORWARD and Never settle for less than what you are capable of!

Story of a Papua New Guinea Highschool Dropout Completes University with High Distinction

I share my story not to boast but to inspire other who might find themselves in the situation that I found myself in five years ago and to always believe in God in all situations in life and to always believe in themselves no matter how hard things might seem.

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