Allen Bird said papua new guinea doesn't need incompetent minister in the parliament. How can you become a prime minister in Papua New Guinea. rain,

ALLAN BIRD: To the Sepik People of Papua New Guinea

To my Sepik People

By: Hon. Allan Bird | PNG Political Limelights | 21 November 2020.

I will always make decisions unselfishly for you. I only contested 3 elections and spent a lot of my resources to develop the potential of our people.

My record so far is clear, I have improved governance in our province and I have been a fierce custodian of your public funds. I have never once given a single contract to my family, friends or relatives. In fact I do not give contracts to anyone, the system does that.

My one key policy objective is to develop our economy to provide opportunities for our young people. Because I know what you want most, that is the opportunity to make your own money and improve your life.

When I travel around our region this is what you tell me “Mi tu mi man, mi laik mekim samting long strong blo mi yet”. This Sepik thinking underpins my entire political and economic philosophy.

As of mid last year, a minimum of 6 export vessels leave our province every month. That’s up from zero in 2017. Our economy is growing because “yumi wokim long strong blo mipla yet”.

The EU STREIT program is key to unlocking our future economic potential forever. Just like in Vanilla. Our future is secure. So I fight to secure that future.

More importantly the seeds of our future have been planted. My job as your Governor is already done. Our economy is growing faster than ever before.

“Pig mipla katim long big mark, yupla olgeta save pinis. Mipla ino katim pig long bush”.

Let me be frank, there are three people I believe would make good PMs. One of them is already PM, the other is my party leader and the other is Hon Abel. I have worked with all three “na ol gat gutpla pasin”. None of them are perfect, none of us are perfect.

So I will say this, so far PM Marape has been a fair PM. But I assure you all of this, if I have made a mistake, I will not contest in 2022. True to my Abelam heritage, I will stand down.

This is my promise to the Sepik people, I am an Abelam and I will live by the principles of my ancestors.

Maulu, maulu tumas!!



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