By Pius Posongan Pokris | 22 Sept 2020


They were confined as Asylum seekers at a processing center at home Manus Province. They lived a life on the Island for 6 years. They were condemned and deemed trouble makers, social misfits, fathering fatherless kids, menace to society, subject to court battles, subject to media attention, subject to political innuendo, subject to propaganda, they were subjects and objects and inhumane as viewed in ones point of view.

They were only human, seeking better life from their war ravaged and torn homes. They had no choice but be subjected to political decisions in their pursuit. They were similar to our very own running away from tribal warfares to the city lights but on different context.

They wanted women, they wanted to do businesses, they wanted a life. They gave an income and educated many. They were merely human beings. They were simply Papus. They left the Island proud with Manus baskets hanging and shed tears of a place they called home. They were heavy hearted for the life they were leaving behind.

They were only human beings.Now they’re in Port Moresby, theres no more the anti cries. What has happened? Thanks Papu Vali Papi for being responsible and giving my wantok, An American Dream. Love surely does have no limits nor boundaries.Judith Masi and husband Vali Papi with their 3 kids left 3am this morning for the US.

They become the first Iranian Papua new Guinean family to come out from PNG/Australian Manus Island Asylum seeker Policy project to have emigrated to America!We learnt by fb messenger that they will be heading over to South Korea on a 5hr journey then across the Pacific for another 14hr before arriving in Los Angeles US.

Judith comes from Tulu village in the PNKA LLG In the north coast of Manus. Her husband is Iranian refugee who spoke very fluent PNG Pidgin. While in Manus Vali had the Bird of Paradise and stars tattooed on his leg expressing his love.I recalled meeting Vali near Lorengau hospital just after the birth of their eldest son. “Mi tok Papu how?” Em tok mi kam lukim judy ya..then he looked my way smiled na tok “Papu..White baby yah!..

Anyways, we wished her a happy prosperous life and may our Good Lord be always with her family in their future endeavors.

Bon Voyage the Papi Family
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