Beware of Violent Event Worldwide Against Indigenous People | By Garry Juffa.

By Gary Juffa
I am sure we are all aware of violent events of late worldwide against indigenous people.

There are many examples worldwide wherever there are indigenous populations, brutal attacks by corporate sponsored Governments on indigenous peoples and their homes worldwide. Sadly it continues in this day and age despite all the rhetoric about humanity and democracy and all the so called agreements and platforms established by the same Governments to combat violence and inhumanity and violence and oppression and promote human rights. The fact is they are all mere efforts to deceive the world.

Two examples in the last weeks are where the Amazon tribesmen in Brazil are attacked and killed by their own Government and in West Papua, 6 protestors are killed by Indonesian Government forces, their homes are under attack in a horrible inhuman display of corporate brutality since 1969.

In so far as West Papua is concerned what is disgusting is that many of the nations who are partners, are the same hypocrites who are supposedly civilized and are forever proclaiming democracy and preaching humanity but in reality are quietly raking in bloodied profits from the economic rape of that part of the island of Melanesia.

It is a dire fact that we as an indigenous people are in grave danger as long as we reside and live on land that contains natural resources that corporate entities desire.

Here is a grim reality we must acknowledge: Governments of developed nations will not help us as long as they are very much managed and owned by the same corporate forces.

This also applies to the international organizations established by the very same forces. They will do NOTHING. They have to support the agenda of profit that is driven

We need to be mindful of this grim fact and take measures to protect ourselves and our people and their future. NO ONE ELSE WILL COME TO OUR AID!

There is significant historical anecdotes of indigenous peoples who have been brutally mistreated and annihilated.

Today we forget that there are indigenous peoples living on their own land now as poverty stricken displaced and marginalized citizens.

What must we do?

We must first realize this grim fact. Secondly we must work towards designing protective measures and laws so that our Governments are NEVER owned by these corporate forces.

Thirdly we must join hands with our indigenous people worldwide and build international organizations of our own that will speak for us and fight for us…

The time to stand UNITED as an indigenous people is now..instead of the United Nothings which serve corporate interests alone, we must have a United Indigenous Nations that serve our people and protect the future of indigenous peoples of Earth.


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