Brush Aside Your Ego and Get Your Hands Dirty and Work Through Every Opportunity Available – Inspiring True Story of a Struggling Young Papua New Guinea Man.

Brush Aside Your Ego and Get Your Hands Dirty and Work Through Every Opportunity Available: Inspiring True Story.

by μαγνήτης χρημάτων | 22 Aug, 2022.

You are not entitled to anything.

In 2011, I came to POM searching for job. I needed money to buy news paper, bus fare to move around, lunch, internet Café fees to check emails, etc…

Seeing my school mates with jobs was slowly killing me mentally.

I wanted to do anything to earn money. Applied for any vacancies on the newspapers hoping that one would hire me.

While waiting I asked a public motor vehicle (PMV) bus driver to wash the bus (who lived at the same house) for K5 at home every afternoon which he agreed.

So every afternoon I would wash the bus, both inside and outside diligently. He (driver) felt sorry and gave K10 to K15.

There were few other days the crew got drunk and haven’t turned up, since I was the only one available at the house, driver asked if I could assist as crew. I happily agreed, and we work.

It was a bus 17, on one of the trips from Gordon to Manu, a senior from university board the bus, assuming I was the passenger.

To his surprise I started collecting bus fare as soon as we left Gordon bus stop, around Gordon Secondary school.
At Waigani tunnel bus stop, he was getting off, on his way down he said, ” yu bagarapim name blong mipla ol Hagen. Yu holim bikpla Pepa long skul na raun bus crew em sem samtin”. Looking straight at his eyes and said ” mi nonap brukim degree paper na kaikai time me hangere, mi nedim mani”.

After a week I secured a job as a tutor at a private school which offered K300 a fortnight.

That was a blessing I grabbed with both hands.

The rest is history.

The message is, put your EGO aside, get your hands dirty and work, whatever it is.

You are not entitled to anything with your certificate.

Your certificate may take you 100 miles but your attitude will take you 1000 miles.

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