Minister for Immigration and Border Security Westley Nukundj said two Canadians who overstayed their visas, will be deported once international flights reopen.

He told Parliament, the father and son – Thomas and Joel Phinnemore – overstayed their tourist visas, and have been served their deportation orders, and are awaiting flights to open before they can return home.

They were doing work in Sialum in the Tewae Siassi District in Morobe Province and were tracked down by PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authorities (PNG ICA).

They’ve been detained for some months now.

Mr. Nukundj said they broke the country’s laws by overstaying their tourist visas which are valid for 3 to 6 months.

Mr. Nukundj said they are not being kept at the Bomana Immigration Detention Centre because the father, Thomas is ill and so they’ve made an exception for both to be accommodated at a hotel instead.

”The duo breached PNG Immigrations laws, hence there is no need to inform anyone, they will have to be deported,” said Nukundz.

The Immigration Minister said complaints have been raised to his Department about the work the father and son were doing – and that it was not in line with that of the District Development Authority.

Tewae-Siassi MP Dr. Kobby Bomareo had sought an explanation from Minister Nukundj about this in Parliament yesterday.

NBC News- Parliament Team

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