By Kana NOKA – FM100 News

The decision to award Seventy One Million Kina contract to Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical Ltd (BPPL) in 2013 was unfair.

This was what City Pharmacy Ltd Managing Director Mahesh Patel told the Public Accounts Committee today during the public enquiry.

Mr. Patel told the parliamentary committee that CPL is recognized by World Health Organization to distribute medical drugs and they also partnered with Mission Pharmaceutical – one of the worlds recognized pharmaceutical supplier – to bid in 2013.

CPL Ltd bid for the public tendered contract at K48 million, however the contract was awarded to BPPL for K71 million.

PAC Deputy Chairman Gary Juffa told CPL that according to Health Secretary Pascoe Kase, CPL wanted the ISO 9001 to be removed from the tender process.

However, CPL said they did not ask for ISO 9001 to be removed but only requested for some clarification about it.

CPL bid in 2016 at K43 million; however they were again overlooked , with the contract awarded to BPPL.

Patel told the parliamentary committee that due to the current system, many reputable suppliers have lost confidence in PNG.




  1. The highest paid public servants, what criteria did they use to get into those positions. I find it hard to believe they don’t even know their job descriptions and also clarifying big money deals.Questions have to be asked before you sign big money deals like 71 million. Even quality checks if Medicare has reached the remote parts.It’s not just sitting in waigani expecting your high perks and privileges..?

  2. The awarding of this contracts to BPPL is very sinistered and needs to be indeptly investigated. The PAC needs to also check ipa on owners, directors and share holders of those minor and major suppliers of those pharmaceutical companies. Staff involved must be immediately terminated and or remove from office and locked up for putting the lives of every Papua New Guinean in danger for supplying non standard drugs. All staff involved must be investigated, bank accounts checked, properties and assets they own must also be investigated and a stop order instruction must be instigated agains each one of them.

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