Results from samples taken from a dead baby dolphin in Saidor village of Raicoast District Madang Province has revealed ‘very high concentrations’ of heavy metals.

Swiss Oill Spill Consultant engaged by the Madang Provincial Government to conduct investigations into the Basamuk Spill and fish dying in the area, Doctor Alex Mojon says samples from the dolphin were sent to a laboratory in Germany with the following results:

“We found nickle in a concentration of 4.9 milligram per kilo, allowed by limit 0.2, zinc 64 mg per kilo, allowed is 50.

“We also found manganese 28 mg per kilo, allowed is 0.5 and Mercury 1.2 mg per kilo allowed 0.15.

“Copper was also present with 4.1 mg allowed 1.0, Chrome 6.2 mg with allowed limit of 0.5 and chromium 1.9 allowed 0.02.

“So this poor baby dolphin had been poisoned by an overdose of cocktail of heavy metals that’s absolutely clear, Dr. Mojon said.

Meantime, a mixture of heavy metals contamination was the cause of the sea changing colour in Raicoast district of Madang Province, in August this year.

The sea colour change alleged to have been the result of ‘a spill’ from the Ramu Nickel Mine was due to ‘very high contamination of various heavy metals.’

According to a third investigation report carried out by Dr. Mojon – various sites sampled in the area tested back positive with this.

Dr. Mojon who is currently in country for a fourth investigation to be jointly conducted by other Government bodies, revealed this last week.

He explained that further visits along the coast revealed carpets of ‘red algae’ also from the spill – results of which tested the same and was directly linked to the Company.

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  1. It’s confusing here though as stories have it that Dr Mojon’s team was already on the ground doing sampling when the slurry spill at Basamuk occurred. Please verify if this is true or otherwise. The slurry spill contamination needs to separated from the deep sea tailings placement contamination and their findings presented separately. I can be comfortable with the current findings attributed to the slurry spill incident; but if DSTP could be proven to be independently responsible for any deleterious contamination, then we’re probably as good as gone.

  2. Whether it be DSTP or the Slurry spill the damage has been done and its reversible .Our people who depend on the sea for there livelihood have no where to go fishing now that the sea has been polluted .We need to take a Class Acton against MCC to shut down the mine for ever . Its a painful decision but what is better ,a sea for all to enjoy for swimming and fishing or for a country far way from our shores reaping the profits for them selves from the ore that has been extracted from the Kumbakari Mine .
    The Minister for Environment and Conservation has to be firm and affirmative for the good of the country and its people that are effected ,not spineless to bow down to the Chinese investors..

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