By Bryan Kramer – 11/05/19


Following my articles exposing O’Neill’s efforts to evade arrest I’ve yet to see a response from O’Neill himself, his publicist Christopher Hawkins or those loyalists who typically hide behind fake Facebook profiles spreading fake news.

They decided to avoid the issue by publishing nonsensical posts asking the question..

“What is the current Police Minister’s, Bryan Kramer’s, relationship to a foreign suspected mole [pictured] with diplomatic immunity?”

To answer the question the person they failed to name is Dr Bowman, Counsellor Economics, who is charged with implementing Australia’s Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific Labour Scheme.

Under the program four districts and one Province were selected to participate, Madang, Goilala, Kavieng, Obura-Woneara and Enga Provice.

I’m also aware others have mischievously cropped a picture of myself taken of Dr Bowman sitting passenger seat of vehicle, removing other members of the delegation who were seated in the back.

The picture was taken in Madang, following a public forum and before a workshop on the Seasonal Worker Programme which will mobilise some 100 workers to Australia.

The selected participants underwent physical fitness checks, health checks, and one-on-one interview assessments.

The same program is being run in the other pilot districts, including Enga where Dr Bowman has undertaken the same activities with Governor Ipatas.

So I hope this provides an answer to the question.

picture: (top) Madang Resort 100 participants (left) Enga with Governor Ipatas (right) taken following public forum to talk about the program.


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