Sunday Bulletin | April 9, 2021.

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has commended the Prime Minister James Marape for negotiating a better deal on the Porgera gold mine equity stalk on behalf of the people and the nation.

Sir Peter said the Prime Minister has become the first in the 45 years of political history of this nation to negotiate the best deal for the people and the government from its natural resources developments in the country.

He said while there were many criticisms and pressures from within the country, the Prime Minister stood steadfast and negotiated the best deal that every Papua New Guineans should be proud of to own 51 per cent of the mine.

Sir Peter said he had to leave the Peter O’Neill government and joined the Marape team simply to negotiate the Porgera deal and he was proud the Prime Minister even sacrificed and endured a vote of no confidence in his endeavor to strike the best deal for the country.

“The PM is doing the right thing and he has done well.

I commend the Prime Minister James Marape who over the past 11 months under very difficult times when there was down turn in the economy as well as the challenges of the Covid-19, he stood steadfast on trying to get the best deal from Barrick even through there was pressure from so many people including the Opposition to take an easy way out by allowing Barrick to continue without negotiating a better deal for our people and the country.

Credit must be given where it is due,” he said.

Sir Peter said after being in politics for so long serving the people of Enga for 23 year, the people of Enga had given 30 years of undisrupted mine life but the SML expired and we exercise our rights as citizens and owners of the resource to increase our stake in the mine.

“I also commend the Barrick team led by Mark Bristow who stood ready to negotiate with the state negotiation team. I sense that Mr Bristow as CEO of the company has been more sensitive to the aspiration of the people of Enga and to the sentiment of the people of this country,” he said.

Sir Peter said. “I look forward to finalise the negotiations between the state and Barrick and come up with an agreement so the Enga Provincial Government and the Landowners will then negotiate with the state and Barrick for our benefit share in the mine.

“As a country we wanted to own 100 percent of the mine but now we have 51-49 per cent equity (in favour of the state) with the option of owning 100 percent over time and we are on track,” he said.

He said other benefit will see the new Porgera mine agreement paving way for increase 100 percent revenue coming into the country and addressing the Forex issues in the country.

“It will be a PNG company with 51 percent ownership and I want to thank the landowners and the members of the Enga provincial government that without your foresight in working towards increasing stake in the mine we would not give the nation this opportunity to get better return from our resources,” he said.

[9/4, 11:58 am] Vm WhatsApp: 51/49, to PNG,with details to come,well done,congratulations to PM and our SNT.

There can be so much talk,writing,doubts,conspiracies but this will underpin our recovery.



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