By Hon Bryan Kramer, MP. | 03 December 2020.

While going through footage of Opposition press conferences today, I found some of former Deputy Prime Minister and Member for Bulolo Sam Basil, from 18 November 2020 and taken at Vanimo, where he accused me of threatening to arrest the former Minister for State-Owned Enterprises and former Governor for West New Britain, Sasindran Muthuvel.

“I would like to [make a] call to the Prime Minister and his senior Ministers, please stop using Police, we’ve got Minister Muthuvel, he’s been intimidated by Bryan Kramer, that he will be charged,” Basil claimed.

My response:

What evidence did Basil produce to support his highly defamatory allegation against me?

Short answer is none.

Did I intimidate or threaten to have Muthuvel arrested, simply because he defected to the Opposition?

Again, the short answer is no.

Where would this allegation have come from?

I can only assume it came from Muthuvel.

I have considered Muthuvel a good friend and colleague, and I sympathised with his decision to leave the Government.

I did message him, to say I had been told about some purported deal involving him and a Chinese contractor. I made a point of saying “I’m not saying there is any truth in it, just letting you know,” so he was aware of the rumours.

That was my last communication with him. It was hardly a threat to have him arrested.

It is no surprise that Basil, being as dim-witted as he is, would be dumb enough to publicly accuse me of an act that would amount to abuse of office.

It appears Muthuvel and Basil forgot that, over years of being their colleague, I’ve observed and absorbed many interesting conversations, issues involving their personal dealings, and I am only too happy to start making those items public.

While there are some trees you can attempt to shake to see what falls out, there are others it’s best to quietly pass by, lest something you would rather avoid climbs down.


WATCH Basil & Namah Accusing Mr. Kramer and Mr. Marape of INTIMIDATION.

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