True freedom is economic freedom

By Gary Juffa, MP | 14 December 2020.

My dear people of PNG, the journey to a free PNG will be no easy stroll.

It will be a journey with many challenges and the greatest will be posed from two fronts:

1. By those who do not wish for you to be free. These are the neocolonialists and cartels that rape and plunder our resources and pay the least amount they can in taxes and duties. They have benefitted much from that situation and will not tolerate any such threats to their livelihood.

The idea that you dare to stand up and demand a fair share for your own resources is simply far too outrageous a concept for them to entertain or allow.

They habe compromised much of our public sector and virtually own the means to license permit and regulate themselves. They have the most to lose in allowing your freedom and the most to gain by maintaining you subservient silent on your knees.

2. The next lot are your own people who do not realize that they are not free and have become too comfortable on their knees to the point that standing up is too radical and unthinkable an idea.

They will be hostile to your notions of freedom and will vigorously oppose any effort you undertake. They are often found as loyal willing supporters of the first group and will sing their praises and fight for them for 30 pieces of silver or less.

Such is the journey to true freedom my people. True freedom is economic freedom. The journey to design and own your own laws that would allow you to process your resources for a fair price.

The freedom to venture into downstream processing and manufacturing and eventually industrialization and eventually developed nation status.


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