There were not enough compelling reasons to change the government.

By Gary Juffa | 19 November 2020.

We the elected officials of PNG, owe it to our people to explain our decisions in parliament where we are mandated to speak for and on behalf of their interests. It is our fundamental responsibility along with making laws.

I do my best to keep my people of Oro abreast of what is happening and what decisions I made and why. I apologize to my people of Oro and indeed those who support me if I have been found wanting in this effort for some major decisions of late.

Sometimes we may make decisions that are unpopular and even offend those who we represent, are colleagues with, are friends with, or respect. Whatever it is, we have to make our stance clear.

Now everyone has an opinion about what happened on Tuesday. Just like everyone has an opinion about what happened on Friday. Of course, I am talking about PNG politics. I was there on both days.

Friday was intriguing, to say the least. I was not surprised and I respect the right of all MPs who made their decisions for whatever reason.

Tuesday was business as usual as far as I am concerned.

Both days will go down in political history for PNG and be discussed and analyzed beyond measure and everyone will be for or against the actions of either group That stood on each side of the house.

As for myself, I remained with the Government of James Marape on Friday. I have said this in a summary of the reasons why “there were not enough compelling reasons to change the Government.” I stand firm on this conclusion still.

On Tuesday I was satisfied that the reasoning of the Speaker and obviously that of his legal advisors that the surprising actions by the opposition on Friday were a non-event and thereby his action was lawful in directing parliament to proceed. The budget was passed.

Once more there will be those who are going to rail against what happened and declare foul, and then there will be those who will be certain that no laws were broken and that all is in order and say so just as passionately. There will be lawyers and experts on both sides equally convinced that they are correct.

There are always two sides to any conflict. You have to choose one. I chose the advice of the side I am on, that of the Government of James Marape and thus I relied on the advice of our lawyers.

Not being a lawyer, I won’t go into the legal details but my own laymen understanding of what our lawyers extensively reviewed and provided an opinion on is summarized here in terms of the reasons why I was satisfied that the Speaker was indeed justified in his directing parliament to continue:

Q – What does the law say about moving a motion in parliament

to adjourn?

A – (Standing Orders)

“Adjournment of the Parliament.

43.[16] A motion for the adjournment of the Parliament may be moved only by a Minister, and no amendment can be moved to the motion.”

Of course, there are so many legal and non-legal opinions and detailed arguments for and against, this is just mine and why I participated on Tuesday.

It’s there in the Standing Orders..“A motion for the adjournment of the Parliament may be moved ONLY by a Minister..” It wasn’t moved by a Minister. Therefore there was no adjournment.

Parliament continued.

In fact, I believe several members of the Opposition were in town and did not attend. They should have. To represent those who elected them to raise such issues in parliament. That would have been the right thing to do.

Well, they didn‘t. They were at the courthouse trying to obtain court orders to stop parliament and those who attended.

Anyway, they have the option and right to dispute this and translate as they see fit AND if appropriately inspired, take the matter to court for the courts to adjudicate.

What SHOULD NOT HAPPEN…is a repeat of 2011 where violence and chaos and mayhem rocked PNG and caused much anxiety and installed a Government that hardly served PNG interests for far too long.

Let the courts decide and let us all respect and accept those results and act accordingly.

If after all the dust settles and I have to move to Opposition, so be it. I am familiar with that place and will be fine there. I will do all I can with what I have till 2022…My people can then judge me and whatever the outcome…I will survive…being the underdog, is nothing new.

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