By Robert Iki Leso | Oct 19, 2020.

We can have the highest form of knowledge but if we do not have wisdom, knowledge can literally destroy us.

There could be many types of wisdom. But the genuine and the original one is to fear the Lord and to depart from evil.

If there is so called wisdom that does not involve the fear of the Lord and exclude evil, that wisdom is corrupt – it is fake!

That is why the most important thing about wisdom is to preach what you practice and practice what you preach.

Wisdom is practical. It is experience. It is scars and wounds. It is all about living reality and a life of examples – both in deed or actions.

Wisdom is not all about having lots of money, wealth, prestige and other earthly gains though they could be the by product of wisdom.

The evidence of wisdom is to become rich with time tested Godly values and principles that makes that person healthy, wealthy and wise.

In other words, all these outcome become a reality for those who continue to trust and fear the Lord all their lives and flee from evil.

Furthermore, those who are wise fear the Lord and carry the image and the likeness of God wherever they go.

As a matter of fact, people who are wise will display a lot of humility though they could be highly educated. Those who are rich will share with the poor and even make others rich.

Wise who have lots of knowledge will educate others and make them successful. Wise leaders make others leaders and pass the baton.

People who are wise are actually source of solutions. They do not create problems but extinguish them with razor sharp solutions.

People who are wise will never complain when they go through situations and challenges but become positive to every situation and take proactive steps to keep calm and work hard.

To become wise, read the Bible, meditate it deeply and gradually and devotedly carry out what you understand and wisdom will spring out of you like a living water!


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