By The SUN of Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY, TUESDAY 21, JANUARY 2020: National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, in the strongest possible terms, has condemned two isolated killings-in a span of 72 hours-at 9-Mile and Kaugere settlements in the city.

Mr Parkop described the killings as barbaric and senseless, saying the alleged perpetrators cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

The first incident saw a Gulf man being slashed to death by a Hela man with a bush knife last Thursday over a K100 dispute whilst the second involved a Wapenamanda man allegedly killing Biou Pasa of Western origin with a bush-knife attack which almost decapitated his neck to death on Sunday over a 20 Toea dispute.

“I have called on the Assistant Police Commissioner NCD Anthony Wagambie and Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou to ensure that the alleged murderers are arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible. I have further called on them to arrest any person impeding in any way the arrest of these criminals by concealing their locations or seeking to organize compensation or peace settlement over these barbaric killings,” an angry Parkop said.

He added that in the recent past criminals had been allowed to escape prosecution because they hid under peace negotiations and other community initiatives to bring peace.

Governor Parkop commended the police for swiftly quelling the tension to prevent more violence and destruction of properties in retaliation at the said areas.

He also extended his commendation to them for apprehending the suspects-the Engan surrendered to Boroko Police Station whilst the Hela man was nabbed at Kerema Block on Sunday afternoon following a tip-off.

Parkop said he had already established dialogue with the city’s elected MPs to resolve a way forward at the board level on how to curb lawlessness in the settlements, citing illegal sales of liquor as one of the major causes.

“We will proceed to ensure everyone in the city are registered under National Identity Card and we will start monitoring and penalizing those who abuse their privilege to stay and live in the city. This will start as soon as possible in Moresby South and then will extend to North East and North West. We will also in the meantime impose a temporary liquor ban and will work with the brewers to find long term solutions. In 2020 and onwards, we will be getting tough on resident who engage in such barbaric and violent activities,” he said.

NCDC does not issue liquor licences to stores at settlements and that their liquor trading is illegal, he said.

Parkop is calling on police to raid shops trading liquor illegally.



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  1. The stance by the NCD Governor is welcoming for the residents and we can only hope justice is served and those responsible are prosecuted for the sake of those whom have lost their lives and their families
    However more often than not we see the system react to such incidents and implement a liquor ban that only becomes counter productive, as home brew becomes more prevalent in the communities and considered more destructive
    The system needs to be enabled to serve the communities and requires proactiviness from authorities and our leaders
    The black market trade makes up a significant part of the problem and sources it’s supply from licensed liquor distributors trading within the suburbs
    Most within the communities are aware of these channels
    Reviewing why there are sole licensed liquor distributors may be a start into curbing the behaviour
    There is enough will to serve the social and economic welfare of the people