By Tamara Terano


Following the re-arrest of MP Douglas Tomiriesa and his wife Rachel this week am i alone in noticing the trend where coastal MPs and prominent people are very easily apprehended and prosecuted while Highlanders implicated in serious crimes including official corruption remain untouchable?

In recent times we have witnessed the successful prosecution and/or imprisonment of Paul Teinsten, Wartovo, Governor Ati Wobiro, Dr Gumoi, Dr Theo Yasause and Former Governor Yali to name a few. And what do they have in common ? Yes, they are all from the coast.

Meanwhile, a long list of Highlanders with very serious allegations against them roam around freely and have not even been interrogated by the Police. They include Oneill, Lupari, Duma, Pok, Mano, Potape, Powi, Wingti etc.

Lupari in particular has been found guilty of quadruple dipping by the Finance Inquiry and referred to police for prosecution but still remains a free man and continues to get involved in more controversies.

Dr Yasause from East Sepik has been jailed for killing a New Ireland man and has been jailed about 10 years ago and is still in jail.

However, highlands business man Justin Parker was also found guilty of killing a New Ireland man and served less than 2 years in jail and is now a free man.

Felix Kange a lawyer from Pangia SHP recently murdered his child’s mother, an accountant of Central and Milne Bay origin and got away with it. He did not even appear in court to be tried.

Former NAC MD Richard Yopo this week also had his case thrown out because of police incompetence.

All these instances are suggesting to me that Highlanders able to manipulate and corrupt the police, the courts and judiciary and the correctional services and avoid prison while the weaker coastal people are becoming easy prey for law enforcement institutions. I hope I am wrong.



14 thoughts on “Highlanders Implicated in Serious Crimes and Official Corruption in PNG Remain Untouchable”

    1. JK Domyal, this is the reality that the world is seeing with interesting eyes under broad day light. A very bad trend …

  1. This is true. Highlanders are more competent not only in stealing and robbing the state’s assets but also more prepared to avoid being caught.

    They are willing to pay millions to cover up their footprints and leave no trail behind,, and even if they do, it becomes thinner and faster along the way and eventually vanishes in thin air.

    Call any Highlander who has serious allegations against him and you will find that he already has an established network with the law enforcement agencies!!

    It is also an irritating reality that Highlanders are not only aggressive but more corrupt than our coastal people.

    Coastal people are shy and would sheldon steal or become corrupt but only a few want to act like a Highlander often realize their mistakes abit too late..
    So it is always safe to be who you are rather than pretending to be someone else and end up regretting.
    So it ends there but the grim reality is that this group of corrupt people who rob this great nation and her children of their resources will eventually suffer the consequences one day.. If not in this physical world, surely in the next spiritual world..
    For those of us simple citizens, we are content with what we have because we believe that we never brought anything into this world and we will never take anything into the next world.

    It’s only a show for the rich people trying to get richer through devious means.. end..

    1. Awape, you have share you piece of thoughts well. The nation will remain silently to see them suffer the consequences one day. If they have power to influence and deviate the course of the law, the Constitution of this beautiful nation, let them continue but they have no power over the law of the nature. The nature will take its own course.

  2. This article promotes regionalism in PNG, I’ve faced regionalisim growing up..I went to a school where all the fucken costal students bullied me for 3years till i beat up one of them..Cunt costal people dont belong in PNG if that’s how you want to go, you costal people are sea farers..Stop this shit before you get put in your place, because it promotes regionalisim with in a multicultural society…

    1. Victor, you are correct in one way according to the nature of the article she constructed. But the situation is reality in PNG and the question is, who will grow balls to get all the corrupt leaders down to where they deserved to be.

  3. If Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Sir Pita Lus, Sir Chan, Sir Guise amongst others were our great iconic Leaders who rose from the Coast and united our culturally and lingustically diversed Country supported by their brothers from Highlands, we can together end corruption.We have Professionals from Coasts holding important positions in the Police and Court Systems amongst other Papua New Guineans. We can together prosecute the criminals. Why are all those in power (both Coastal and Highlanders) at the bureaucratic level accepting bribes? Stand up , be strong.

    Mr. Tomirieasa’s word is not of a leader with balls. He just demonstrated immaturity and how shallow he is to promote regionalism. We are a country , stop this non-sense of regionalism. I can’t understand him. Sorry but, he has truly demonstrated pure immaturity.

    1. Oroqkor, good​ observation.​Corection​ here.​ The​ article was​ not​ written by​ the​ Good​ minister​ as​ you​ ​have​ pointed out.​ If​ you​ have​ read​ the​ article​ you​ findout that​ a​ lady wrote after​ the​ arest​ of​ the​ minister.​ Please​ Edit​ your​ wordings or​ I​ will.

      1. Thank you. Noted with appreciation. I was directing my comments to the former Minister on the understandinfg that the lady was re-emphasising what the former Minister was saying however i apologies especially on the second paragraph of my rebuttals.

        Hence, I shoud rephrase my second paragraph in this response as such :

        The words from the author not of a citizen who is concened for the country but who is so vested in regionalism. She just demonstrated immaturity and how shallow she is to promote regionalism. We are a country , stop this non-sense of regionalism. I can’t understand her. Sorry but, she has truly demonstrated pure immaturity.

        1. Oroqkor, thank you for realizing and rephrasing your comment. She seemingly pouring out her heart out of frustration over the current situation involving the minister and his wife on official corruption. Otherwise, the situation is reality but promoting regionalism would not be a good idea, and that may not be the intent of her article.

  4. Thank you Tamara for the exposer. This is real, unetical and total disregard for others. Totally blinded by greed. The scary part is GOD SAW AND RECORDED EVERYTHING AND THEY WILL BE FOUND WANTING IN THE COURTS OF HEAVEN.. PRAISE THE LORD.. I HOPE THIS EXTRACT WILL HELP US ALL.

    “Let us ever remember that wherever we are, and whatever we do, we are in the presence of God. No part of our conduct escapes observation. We cannot hide our ways from the Most High… The very motives of his heart are open to divine inspection. Every act, every word, every thought, is as distinctly marked as though there were only one person in the whole world, and the attention of heaven were centered upon him. {PP 217.4”


    1. Paose Are, a very thoughtful comment and correcting pointing us to the Infallible and absolute Truth, which will become the eternally and universal supreme judge over all. No bribes, no wantok system, no evading of arrest and questioning before the Supreme Judge of the Universe. Each one of us have to face the truth of our fate. Not a single individual in this world will escape this JUDGEMENT DAY.

      Instead of simply availing himself for arrest and questioning, the former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O’Neil is trying to evade his arrest again. Follow link here for detail stories;

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