I Love My Papua New Guinea!

By Lazarus Towa|

As a writer you may write what negative writings you wish to portray my Papua New Guinea to your readers……

As a speaker, you may speak about the negative side of my Papua New Guinea when you speak to others…..

As a blogger, you may blog about the negative side of my Papua New Guinea among your followings……

As a artist, you may paint images which can implicate negative image of my Papua New Guinea to your viewers…….

As an individual whom always see my Papua New Guinea from the negative side always, l wish one day you will turn and see the positive side of my Papua New Guinea…….

Let me tell you something, “I Love My Papua New Guinea”

Yes! I love my Papua New Guinea because you will not find my Papua New Guinea anywhere else in the world……

Yes my Papua New Guinea may has her own challenges and struggles, but my Papua New Guinea is very unique and special to me, some of the things you will find and experiences in my Papua New Guinea, you will not find and experiences it anywhere in the world……..

In my Papua New Guinea, the family bond that is present and practiced is one of the unique example of few examples, which you will only find in my Papua New Guinea, in my Papua New Guinea we don’t need foster care facilities coz we have families……This is just one example……

If you had a chance of traveling to another country far away from my Papua New Guinea one day, you will be home sick after few days away, you will miss my Papua New Guinea, and you will be eager to come back to my Papua New Guinea soon…….

Let’s at least for once, write, speak, paint, or do something to show the goodness of our beautiful country Papua New Guinea, for at least once, that one moment will mean so much for our Papua New Guinea………


44 years and going strong……..


Photos credited to Lazarus Towa.

2 thoughts on “I LOVE MY PAPUA NEW GUINEA – By Lazarus Towa.”

    1. Very true Newman.

      These words are poured out from the hears of a person who committed his whole life sacrificing to help other PNGans to find a better and a brighter future.


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