Independent Commission Against Corruption, finally passed on this date 12/11/2020.

By PM Hon. James Marape | 12 November 2020.

Thankyou Somare Government, you started the process, thankyou O’Neill government you kept it alive, and thank you Hon Davis Steven and (People’s Party) for the leadership in this term on ICAC.

I thank the 16 opposition and 80 government MPs, you all beat perceptions that politicians aren’t serious about fighting corruption. Parliament is at work.

We will get independent overseas-based commissioners and we make it work for the future of our country.

May ICAC lives long into the future to compliment whistleblowers act, proceeds of crime act, and undisclosed wealth we will deliver too to compliment police and ombudsman, etc to fight corruption.

These are fundamental steps to make PNG the richest black Christian nation on earth, yes we can. Citizens and stakeholders out there, your job now is to help assist reports and prosecute corruption.

May God bless PNG.



NB: below is a photo of the bipartisan approach this morning at Speaker’s lounge.

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