Mr Donald is asking why hasn’t the Marape Steven Government removed PNC? Bryan Kramer.


This was a question asked by the Opposition Member for North Fly Open James Donald while responding to my last article titled “MP confused on his role.”

“My Police Minister,

“I am not confused. For me I thought Madang light house will continue to light on the Government side giving a hope to us Opposition and 8 million people of this country. My Minister, I am yet to see the new government putting down it’s two feet and clean up the mess created by PNC. There aren’t any changes at all with the cronies and regimes of PNC and they are still giving you advices and directions.”

“This government was expected to put down it’s two feet VERY SOLID and CLEAN UP, yet nothing is happening.”

This clearly indicates that PNC is remote controlling your government. Have you all compromised? Are you all in bed together?”

My Response:

Is he certain he is not confused? I ask the question because I left the Opposition after they were in secret discussion with Peter O’Neill to join his camp, dumb enough to believe he would resign and nominate the Opposition Leader. Last time I checked it was Opposition who nominated Peter O’Neill on the floor of parliament.

Further still, information latest coming out of Opposition is that O’Neill is now funding Opposition’s Supreme Court Reference challenging Marape’s appointment on grounds O’Neill withdrew his appointment. O’Neill is desperate to regain power and banking on Opposition to help him get there.

Perhaps the good Member can confirm or deny these allegations.

A rather interesting point is Donald does not make one reference in his statement to Peter O’Neill but only PNC.

I would also like to remind the good Member that he must remember while I was in camp I observed many things… including inducements.

So I am very much happy to start having frank discussions in this area so the public can be clear on who is who in the zoo, so to speak and I can assure him it won’t be me who comes off looking worse for it.


“I thought you and KK had a mission to go across and assist remove that crook and clean up the mess. Are you both advising the PM or you aren’t doing anything?”

“Minister, for this country to progress and to achieve the catch cry “Take Back PNG” is only one way out and that is aggressively put down two feet and rule without fear or favor but first and foremost is to clean up the entire mess.”

“Displa as tasol na mi tok maus blo yu I mas pass.”

My Response:

Again any idiot seeking attention can try make sweeping arrests only to end up looking the fool after the charges are thrown out or stayed by the Courts for failing to follow lawful process.

I campaigned to ensure O’Neill would be removed as Prime Minister in 2019, a goal I’ve achieved, so what has Mr Donald achieved?

After assuming office I must have released countless press statements that my job is to clear the roadblocks so Police fraud squad can do their job, which is exactly what they are doing.

What I find rather ridiculous is that we argue that corruption is systematic and systemic and yet expect to address it in one month.

Mr Donald is asking why hasn’t the Marape Steven Government removed PNC?

Well the answer is quite simple, on one side you have PNC Members within Marape Steven Government who are actually sorting out the mess and on the other side you have Opposition scheming with Peter O’Neill.

One is left to ask which side does one choose?

So No, mas blong mi ino pas… tasol plis inap you tokaut na tok stret na yumi harim gut…

Source: Kramer Report


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  1. Straight on!

    Keep on cleaning PNG. You are doing a great job Hon. Bryan Kramer. They are in parliament not for PNG but for themselves. They are now shaking because our police with you as the Minister are doing a great job exposing corrupt people and bringing into justice.

    1. That’s right Livai. The Good Lord has heard the cries of simple Papua New Guineans and answered through this young God fearing and vibrant leader. BK is not afraid of dying for the cause of the people of Papua New Guinea. A first national leader to lead and say this. May the Lord bless BK and keep him safe at all times.