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Lino’s Leadership Significantly Contributed Towards the Socio Economic Development of Papua New Guinea

Lino's Leadership Significantly Contributed Towards the Socio Economic Development of Papua New Guinea. Below lists shows the major national achievements accomplished by Lino as the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resource since he took charge of the ministry starting May 2019.

Papua New Guinea 's National Achievements Under the Leadership of Dr. Lino Tom, 2019 -2022.

Post by Mortimer Yangharry | Article compiled was independently structured with some facts and figures extracted from the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) website. 

Hon. Dr. Lino Tom was appointed the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resource when Hon. James Marape took over from former Prime Minister Hon. Peter O'Neil in a successful Vote of No Confidence in May 2019.
Under the leadership of Hon. Dr. Lino Tom, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource has SIGNIFICANTLY contributed towards the socio economic development of Papua New Guinea.

Below are some of the major national achievements accomplished as the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resource (as per chronological order) since taking charge of the ministry starting May 2019;

AUGUST 05, 2019
-Launching of the 7th Pacific Tuna Forum at Hilton Hotel, Port Moresby
Objective of the Pacific Tuna Forum was to bring together all the strategic players in the tuna industry within PNG and the Pacific Region to share issues in different aspects of the industry as well as reviewing the status of the tuna stock and its trade.

OCTOBER 02, 2019
-Under Minister Hon. Dr. Lino Tom's directive, NFA took the lead in responding to Prime Minister James Marape's priority to make Manus Province become a tax free economic zone in the country by beginning series of scoping for fisheries to meaningfully contribute to the province's goal to encourage sustainable economic growth.

OCTOBER 08, 2019
-Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) Review Consultation between the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) and coastal provinces in the Fisheries sector.
This review exercise signified the important milestone in areas of corporation of common interests to fisheries where the basis intention was to add value to the manner in which NFA and the coastal provinces do business in serving the people in the fisheries sector.

NOVEMBER 04, 2019
-NFA participated in the 24th China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao City which provided a perfect platform that enhanced international trade linkages as well as gave the opportunity to tap into the mainland Chinese seafood market.

-Funded through the government of Japan through JICA with an allocation of K33 million for the development of Alotau Town Market and Fisheries Facility

DECEMBER 02, 2019
-Forum Fisheries Agency( FFA) celebrates 40 years anniversary hosted by NFA in Port Moresby.

DECEMBER 18, 2019
-NFA LAUNCHED PNG STANDARDS FOR FISH AND FISHERY PRODUCTS FOOD SAFETY basically to launch and recognize a legal instrument that paved the way forward for us in ensuring that we are adhering to the world's best standards and practice in maintaining resource security, sustainability and safety standards.

FEBRUARY 11, 2020
-NFA donated a fully kitted ambulance to Kubwum District Development Authority in Morobe Province under its Corporate Social Responsibility program.
-A total of 3 ambulances delivered along with K4.5 million worth of sensitive medical equipment donated to Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae, Morobe Province

-NFA together with the Chinese Embassy launched the China Seafood Market which signified another milestone achievement for the fisheries sector and the industry to access the Chinese seafood market directly.

-NFA had been implementing coastal fisheries projects in the coastal provinces with the objective of empowering local fishermen through community based projects such as building jetties and fish markets.
-The project included those at Finschafen, Tewai-Siassi and other locations within Morobe Province that would link up to NFA's proposed fisheries hub at Voco Point in Lae that will act as a consolidation point for distribution to various market segments.

JULY 21, 2020
-Prime Minister visited National Fisheries College (NFC) in Kavieng of New Ireland Province accompanied by Hon. Dr. Lino Tom.
-NFC provides specialized skills competency-based training in fishing operations, Post-Harvest operations, Fisheries Business Aquaculture, Fisheries Compliance and Management as well as selected programmes for Fisheries Observers.

JULY 21, 2020
-Scoping work for proposed Jetties and Onshore Facility Development in Pomio and Gazelle districts of East New Britain Province.

SEPTEMBER 03, 2020
-Beche-de-mer buying session for 2020 commenced following the issuance of licenses to buyers

OCTOBER 18,2020
-Beche-de-mer Total Allowable Catch (TAC) introduced
-NFA always carry out stock assessment survey annually to determine the stock destiny or the number of individual sea cucumbers found in a hectare before setting TAC for each coastal province because by limiting TAC the sustainability of the fishery is given enough breeding space for the sea cucumbers to grow up to their mature size and ready for harvesting.

FEBRUARY 05, 2021

FEBRUARY 18, 2021
-NEC endorsed the PNG FISHERIES STRATEGIC PLAN 2021-2030
-The plan provides the Strategic Road Map and Vision towards a broad-based fisheries sector and industry that is globally competitive, inclusive and sustainable.

-PMIZ will transform PNG as a costal state to a fully-pledged fishing state.
-PMIZ is a national project of paramount importance that will create jobs and grow our economy.
-PMIZ is a regional project that positions us as a competitive regional hub and global leader in the tuna economy.

JUNE 15, 2021
-NFA signed Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the Morobe Provincial Government to promote generation of internal revenue from fisheries development activities in the province.

JULY 01, 2021
-100,000 trout fingerlings distributed to main river systems in Enga Province. In the long run, this will provide food security for village people living in remote and on high-altitude areas.
-Technical experts from NFA toured Highlands Region to better understand the challenges and needs inland fish farmers encountered daily.

OCTOBER 19, 2021
-The Japanese government under the Overseas Fishery Corporation Foundation (OFCF) with NFA delivered machinery and coolers at a central location in Kokopo, East New Britain to help locals buy and sell fish.

NOVEMBER 02, 2021
-The fisheries single most significant threat to the long term sustainability of our Marine resources is the issue of Illegal Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing.
-Fisheries continue to share its experience of IUU with the Judiciary for it to better understand so that fisheries matters including prosecutions and their outcomes and how the associated fisheries offences can be resolved on timely manners.

MAY 04, 2022
NFA recently participated in the world's biggest seafood trade fair held in Barcelona, Spain that featured more than 2,000 exhibiting companies from 89 countries around the world.
This was important for the PNG fisheries sector to promote and sell the country's seafood products, processing equipment and services to leading buyers from around the world and further more promoting the government systems and technologies that has been developed and adopted over the years to ensure PNG seafood and fishing resource are managed sustainably and for the economic benefits of the country and international consumers.

MAY 16, 2022
National Mud Crab Management Plan for the purpose of addressing implementation issues, provide information on the biology, ecology and socioeconomics that impact this fishery, to ensure effective management and sustainability of the mud crab fishery going forward.

It takes decisive leadership to readily implement the national government's directives and policies accordingly.
Hon. Dr Lino Tom has proved beyond reasonable doubt that regardless of regionalism it takes a determined leader to deliver quality results on time to meet the everyday demands of our growing economy.

This article compiled was independently structured with some facts and figures extracted from the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) website.

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