MEDIA STATEMENT | By Hon Peter O’Neill, CMG, MP, Leader of People’s National Congress Party | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape has grossly insulted members in government who voted him into office by choosing Opposition MP, Mr Ian Ling-Stuckey as Treasurer in the reshuffle, former Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said today.

Mr O’Neill said: “The Prime Minister has the prerogative to appoint anyone he pleases at his absolute discretion but the appointment of the Opposition Shadow Treasurer to the Treasurer’s post is a gross insult to Members who voted him into office.

“Surely, there must be one member in Government with the credentials to fill the treasures’ post. Even his own Pangu Pati ranks must be smarting from this new insult, now repeated a third time since the appointment of Opposition stalwarts Bryan Kramer and Kerenga Kua to their respective Cabinet posts.
It will not be long before Sir Mekere Morauta and Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch join government so be prepared to make way for them.

“In the process the PM has removed one of the hardest working and honest Ministers in Hon. Richard Maru.

“Both Mr Maru and Mr Marape went to elections under the People’s National Congress ticket. PNC won the 2017 National Elections convincingly.

“Now the Prime Minister has chosen to reject the people’s choice and join another party that is his prerogative but it seems preposterous that he has created a post for the very man who opposed him numerous time in parliamentary debates on financial and economic matters. It seems the Hon. Ling-Stucky has had the last word.”

The former PM said he has chosen to remain silent to let Mr Marape get on with his job but said he will not stand by and let his successor derail all the hard work his team has put in in the last eight years.

“Apart from the attractive rhetoric, we have seen no solid policies and programs so far,” Mr O’Neill said

“All we have seen is witch hunts and reviewing, revising and reversing all of our programs and projects so much so that everything has shifted to neutral and nothing is moving. This is dangerous for the country.

“The review of the Papua LNG project alone has cost a multinational resource company, Oil Search, K8.5 billion. That is just the start. When the bill for voiding a legitimate contract comes in it will be many times that.

And both will still pale by comparison to what the country will lose when the global investment community hear of what is going on.

“This just does not happen in today’s cut throat world of business and commercial relations.

“The Prime Minister is reported courting the Australians, then the Chinese and the Australians again. This does not happen in today’s foreign relations.

“Despite all the rhetoric about taking PNG back, we see no evidence of this happening beyond the words. With each action we seem to be taking PNG backwards.”



Jon Ndramei
PMJM is bringing in fresh breath of air into PNG politics, something that has not been heard of or done before. PNG needs a new style of political leadership that comes with a transparent, accountable and God fearing PM himself. Taking PNG Back is slowly but surely taking shape.

2 thoughts on “MARAPE IS TAKING PNG BACKWARDS | Media Statement By O’Neil.”

  1. PMJM has visions to go behond what PO has done. we will not deny the hardworks done by PO regime, I recommend JM as he appointed indivividuals with reputation into public offices unlike PO has appointed his puppets to easily pull string.

    to develop policy framwork, PMJM will need time to understand the whole context of economy. then, policies will be developed suitably.
    why not PO give time to JM? every one know who is PO but, yet to know JM.

    Thank you

    1. Well stated Benjamin. PO will no longer and never become a trusted leader for 2-3 generations. He will be always remembered as one of the most corrupt Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. His leadership has suffered majority of the population of PNG with the deteriorating economy of the Nation. Today, JM has given hope to the people of Papua New Guinea. Like you have stated, time will tell for the people of this Nation to know who the current Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Hon. James Marape is.

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