Government Caucus Retreat
Loloata Island Resort
1st November 2019

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Meeting today (Friday 1/11/19) at Loloata Private Island Resort, the Marape-Steven Caucus met to consider the challenges of the future.

The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for all government caucus members to express a view and to contribute deliberations on how best to achieve the Government’s core objective to “take back PNG” and enable economic prosperity and wealth for all Papua New Guineas.

Speaking after the retreat, Prime Minister Marape hailed the benefits of a strong, unified government.

“Today, the collective government caucus came together as one to talk about our vision for the future”, the Prime Minister said.

The meeting explored a range of issues and challenges related to the core objectives of Vision 2050, and the need to align government policy to promote economic growth.

“For the first time since our election as a new Government, the full caucus was able to sit down and critically consider the key issues that face us a nation. We talked about our economic challenges and social issues, and how we could collectively advance reforms that promote fiscal responsibility, service delivery and the empowerment of our people” the Prime Minister said.

All government aligned Governors, Ministers, Vice Ministers and Members were in attendance together with the Chief Secretary to Government, Department Heads and Constitutional Office holders.

All members were given an opportunity to speak, and presentations were made by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Treasurer, Minister for Finance and Minister for National Planning.

“I have no doubt that as we seek to finalise the details of the 2020 budget that this Retreat will inform our strategy as we move forward. We are advanced already in taking back our nation, and I am confident that the team I have in place will advance the interests of all Papua New Guineans” Prime Minister Marape said.

The meeting will conclude on 2 November 2019 with officials finalising a strategic planning matrix.


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