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Our beautiful girls and sisters out there, please choose a guy whom you like to be your lifetime partner wisely. (Many daughters of this Nation have became victims of gender-based violence in recent years.)

We’ve lost these beautiful souls (some not reported on social media) at the hands of jealous Moran ugly looking beasts partners in gruesome ways.

1. Felix Kange was a son of former MP for Ialibu Pangia, Hon. Pundits Kange of Southern Highlands Province. He is the principal of Kange Lawyers. He shot his wife Regina Morovo with the pistol he owns on May 2016.

2. Richard Namaliu of East New Britain, nephew of Sir Rabbie Namaliu, former Prime Minister and Member for Kokopo was convicted of manslaughter for causing the death of Ruby-Anne Laufa, a former Miss PNG, in early 2017.

3. Bosip Kaiwi of Jiwaka, Grandson of Simon Kaiwi, President of then National Alliance party, charged with willful murder over the death of his 19-year-old wife, mother-of-two Jenelyn Kennedy on June 2020.

4. Dickson Warbat of East New Britain, son of a famous lead Guitarist John Warbat, was arrested over the death of his girlfriend Pauline Turkai for punching her head multiple times until she collapsed to death during an argument over his girlfriend save card.

5. Simon Temo of Southern Highlands Province is a medical Doctor by profession has done a cold-blooded murder to his wife, Imelda Tupi.

Considering the fact here. Each year Papua New Guinea girls lost their lives to abusive husbands and boyfriends. This month alone May 2021 recorded two cold-blooded murder.

Every year we protest against Gender-Based Violence we advocate to stop Gender-Based Violence. We Educate ourselves and others about GBV. The first line of prevention is education. We use our voice on social media to bring awareness to Gender-Based Violence.

But it seems none of these platforms is working. Even some girls walks with play cards showing us that Papua New Guinea is not a safer place for our women folks to live in, yet our men folks keep joking about it on social media. In returned violence is still on the rise in Papua New Guinea.

Parents if your daughter’s is in an abusive relationship right now tell her that is better coming home from a fail marriage than coming back in a coffin box.

Justice for our daughters and sisters. End GBV in Papua New Guinea.Victims of gender-based violence in papua new guinea

Picture: PNG Breaking News.

Read a related story from a real Papua New Guinea man who walked away after his wife betrayed him after six years of marriage. Real men and women do exist. Only minority have negative attitudes towards their partners. The story of Bradley Simon can reflect many decent Papua New Guinea men. This story has been shared upon his permission. Since there are a lot of Gender-Based Violence issues in Papua New Guinea, Bradley’s story can inspire and educate young people of Papua New Guinea.

I Was With Her for 6 Years – She Made Her Decision

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