Governor Numu responding to those criticizing his move to join Govt.

The Sunday Bulletin | February 19 at 4:03 PM


“Listen, from the Beginning it was me and Marape”, no one in PNG knows about the Plans we had.

We broke O’NEILL Government, whatever undercurrent happened was something him and me know it, and NO ONE.

Obviously, Marape – Stevens Government approved 95% of my PIP projects and captured in the programs for this year 2020 Budget. Why and how? I won’t answer this question, it’s up to individual judgment.

That’s what my people want, so I’m doing it for my people which I myself got K0 from someone to make such decision, it was on a free will.

My people deserve change in their lives, and so now I have to stay with the GOVERNMENT to make sure the projects are implemented for the good of my people.

This is PNG Politics, you play your card right and you will see positive results.

My move will soon change my Province and people and its none of you none-Eastern Highlanders business.

THOSE who want to challenge the seat I occupy in 2022, I must say that it’s anybody’s game Kam traim me.

Election is coming soon, go do your research with my people from all corners of EHP and they will tell you who I am. Otherwise, 2022 my victory will be a landslide.



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