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By Sam Koim (20th October 2019) | The Sunday Bulletin

A very key piece penned by Sam Koim, the current Internal Revenue Commissioner.

Many a times, We complain that things aren’t well and long for a better PNG. We even complain when foreigners are in charge of our departments and agencies of Government. But when we are given the opportunity to run a department or agency, we try to steal from it and run it to the ground. We have become our own worst enemies.

More often than not, outsiders do not rob an organisation. Those on the inside, who have the keys to the safe, collude by opening the doors for the outsiders to defraud this country.

If we want to change this country, it must start from those of us who are placed at the apex of each government institutions. We must show care and protect our organisations as if it’s our own business. One cannot steal from his own business hence the call.

Photo: Sam Koim.


  1. Dear Sam,

    Today is Friday 25th of October 2019. Woke up from my bed and check my inbox, saw this message. I ignore first without reading the content as I was rushing to get myself ready to start this day. However, my inner being accused me of my act of ignorant thus I came back sat on my chair and open your message. My heart is Blessed this morning as I wrote this comment.
    If every Papuan New Guinean have this mindset, my friend this country will flourish! A rich Nation with a diverse Culture, blessed with wonderful people…however, we are all selfish in one way or other.
    If all of us individual in this country having the ownership mindset in whatever business we are working for, we will achieve our Dream…”Take Back PNG”.

    Our Tomorrow depends entirely on what we do today…thus PNG is in our hands today! We keep fighting in any organisation we work for cos we will be blessed for what we do for this country and for its beautiful smiling people.

    Blessed Friday Morning to you all…this day shall be remembered in my heart cos it is a simple truth…Do you steal from your own Business? NO! So Why you steal from your own Country? Do we spend a minute to reflect about our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, wantoks, our fellow country men and women who are struggling every single day to provide food on the table? Do we think about our mothers died while giving birth to our future generation? Do we think about those who are suffering backache because they carrying heavy loads for miles? Do we think about people killing each other due to lack of Law & order in the respective places? Do we think about our young uneducated generation out there? Do we think about our Educated Elites on the streets looking for Jobs?
    The call from you Sam is a timely call out! We silently pray in our Heart that May the Good Lord, the Creator of the Universe and the Provider of everything encroach the mind and soul of every Papuan New Guineans in this country to Take Ownership in whatever we are doing to Taking back PNG.
    Thanks Sam for your Leadership. You are the Role Model to many Papua New Guineans.

    Lord Bless Every Leaders of this Beautiful Nation and Give them the Courage to overcome Temptation. Install Ownership Mindset in their Heart! Empower them to Make decision from their Humble Heart! Provide strength and Comfort in this Journey…”Take Back PNG”.

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