Papua New Guinea was being sold at mates rates to a closed group of friends. Eventually others would tire and grow resentful of the dictatorial approach and having had enough work towards removing him and taking back PNG. Gary Juffa.

OROKAIVA to the People of Oro Province of Papua New Guinea!

By Hon. Gary Juffa.

Dear Orokaivans, I thank you all for your comments, criticisms and observations. I shall peruse and respond to those that are most relevant to Oro and its progress. For 7 years we have suffered at the hands of a vindictive selfish Government that has starved us of vital funds to the tune of almost est. K300million.

Since 2011 in charge of MV Papua New Guinea was ruthless vindictive Prime Minister Peter ONeill..he dictated a National Government that moved according to his whim and will, punishing any who dissented and spoke against his reckless spending of public funds via inflated contracts by ensuring their people got minimal assistance.

The period 2012 - 2017 was productive as we rolled out projects funded by development partners via the Somare led Government that had laid stagnant due to political apathy and ignorance until we took office.

Some are the Divune Hydro, 4 Bridges, Airport and Port. 2017 to present was grim as we had zero projects from the heartless and vindictive PNC Government of Peter ONeill.

We struggled with trickles of functional grants and a Treasury system that crawled to a halt as the newly installed IFMS system dragged on and delayed processing of payments.

Nevertheless we did what we could with what we had.

Meanwhile Papua New Guinea was fast being mortgaged for massive loans that we would all have to pay back so these inflated contracts could be dished out to select friends.

Every facet of public sector suffered but especially education health and law and order.

Some of us spoke against this passionately. We were thus punished.

We were not the only Province. The Sepik Province suffered significantly a similar apathy. Both Provinces just happened to be in the Opposition and both Governors spoke much against ONeill and his band of pirates minions and cronies.

Papua New Guinea was being sold at mates rates to a closed group of friends. Eventually others would tire and grow resentful of the dictatorial approach and having had enough work towards removing him and taking back PNG.

The rest is history now and we have a Prime Minister who listens and works with others and understands the importance of strong productive well resourced Provincial Governments.

Today we have a seat at the table and are not outside the house in the cold and rain. Today we can speak to our Prime Minister and he consults us and shows he cares by his respectful and considerate compassionate attitude.

Today we survey the landscape of starved Provincial economies and rebuild.

For sure change won't be overnight. No man can plant a taro today and harvest it tomorrow. But be assured we are moving if but quietly.

I ask for patience as we draw battle plans to recover and reclaim lost territory and make for lost time. This including what funded we recieved and how we spent them shall be made known shortly.

Yes, the political wannabes and the conmen who have been deprived of their scams from National Departments are going to bleat and squawk and rain down rhetoric and criticism. Let them do their part now. Who knows where they were and what they were doing and who cares.

Their lot is to whine and moan and pretend to be caring citizens but we know many of them and their misleading deeds of the past will expose them for the charlatans that they are. I urge you all to ignore these big mouths who have never contributed in anyway.

Purambu embo mane pere ke sokowa sakowa aru nango mane enana ta kè hingetora! Pandeva pere!

Our mandate is to work and that we will.

In the coming weeks the Assembly will be finalized and held and PEC appointed. I look forward to working with our newly elected Presidents and Councils. For sure they will ignore the raving madness of political imbeciles who urge political upheaval. We have no time for that. It costs time and setbacks that we cannot afford.

We are warriors and own sovera people! Our ancestors stayed calm and fought they didn't cry and panic and run for cover so don't let the cowards tell you to do so now! We will survive and persevere. It's in our genetic framework to do so!

We will instead be working on our reforms and revenue strategies that now will progress and review law and order education and health and work with our Government to deliver. You can stand with me and build our province or stand on the sidelines and throw stones like a coward. That's entirely up to you and your returns will be according to what you invest.

I shall be updating you all in the coming weeks on updated plans and strategies and Oro Provincial Government reforms and strategies. I thank all who held the fort and did your best during these trying times.

I thank all critics and supporters for your time and voices whether trivial irrelevant poignant useful or not.



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