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“Both Mr Sheppard and Mr Maladina are considered to be close to PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and senior ministers and advisers, upon whom Canberra relies heavily for providing the Manus Island immigration detention centre. Mr Sheppard was appointed in 2014 as a “resident” director of the company that provides security to the centre, but resigned in January.

But covertly-filmed footage using operatives posing as Australian businessmen opens an unprecedented window into how Australian lawyers, accountants and migration agents enable corrupt politicians to undermine their impoverished home countries and shift billions of dollars into the relative safety of Australian bank accounts and real estate.

The footage filmed by anti-corruption NGO Global Witness exposes deep complacency among Australian politicians and enforcement agencies, as well as large holes in Australia’s regulatory regime.”

4 thoughts on “Papua New Guinea Official Corruption Exposed – Greg Sheppard and Harvey Maladina.”

  1. He should be persecuted for compromising our Constitution and violating the trust. I show the footage in YouTube. He said he braves the ministers of our country to bring in illegal deals and investments that doesn’t serve the purpose of PNG.

    He said he has a family boy band, a rock band he pumps all his illegal I’ll money to.

    He was talking as if our Constitution doesn’t exist and country with lost sovereignty that he can come in here and do anything.

    He is a corrupted animal who deserved to be out away from public.

    1. James Lai, these idiots a living above and trembling on our national constitution, which identify Papua New Guinea as an Independent Nation. They contribute immensely to the growth and development of corruption in our society.

  2. Someone in the current government grow some balls and prosecute this lawyer and his accomplishes already!!

    1. George, very true. The current Prime minister Hon MP James Marape is very radical with his words in his short term of office and this should give us a little hope of change and weeding out the corrupt leaders and their cronies.
      Check this link and follow the outcome:
      The Commission of Inquiry into the Union Bank of Switzerland or UBS loan has directed that former prime ministers Peter O’Neill and Paias Wingti be summoned to appear in March.

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