Prime Minister James Marape likes to assure the country, existing investors and potential investors that the Marape Steven Government is pro investment and business and gives his firm commitment that government will not harm our country’s reputation as a safe investment destination.

Prime Minister makes this statement in reply to former PM Peter O’Neill’s statement that shut down of Ramu Mine is bad for investments.

“It is greatly irresponsible of the former Prime Minister to paint a negative image with smear motive, when responsible agencies of State are doing their due job to ensure operations in the instance of Ramu Nickel is assessed for its safety compliance after the spill.

I will be the last Prime Minister to compromise safety of our people and environment and it is prudent that reviews are undertaken so that the mine is safe from structural and systematic defects going into the future. “ PM Marape say.

Prime Minister Marape also would like to announce that different State Negotiations Teams, lead by respective resource Ministers have been set up for key resources projects like Pogera, Wafi Golpu, Panyang where its anticipated that in the month of December 2019, the form and shape of those discussions should emerge.

Papua LNG that former PM precede over is now progressing by parliament amending laws congruent to Papua Gas Agreement and I am informed that Total is mobilizing. This all
happened after Minister Kua was able to pick additional winners former PM engineered agreement overlooked. PM Marape says

“We have been engaged with the industries as wells as land owners and provincial governments, so the country must know we have not been doing nothing. I want to win for my country consistent with laws of PNG and our investor partners know that.

We are restoring a broken down systems of government where the former PM weakened in the 8 years he lead the country. No Prime Minister must became the lead project negotiator as it was the case on Papua LNG.

The country is bigger then PMs and I believe in the power of the system of government filtering project proposals so many heads discusses our national interest instead of one person in a bar or private boardroom somewhere.

And we want to progress the projects at the earliest but at terms that respects our present laws and the future we want to bring our country into in as far as project agreements and resource harvesting is concern. “ PM Marape says ??


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