“I dismiss utterly any rebuttals by anybody including Hon. Peter O’Neill against my position on dark age-type SUPERSTITIOUS practices in Papua New Guinea! I urge all Papua New Guineans to stand against and reject any form of practices that resonates to satanic worship or cargo cultism.” – Hon. Don Polye.



I dismiss utterly any rebuttals by anybody including Hon. Peter O'Neill against my position on dark age-type SUPERSTITIOUS practices in Papua New Guinea!

I urge all Papua New Guineans to stand against and reject any form of practices that resonates to satanic worship or cargo cultism.

Wise leadership differentiates between good tradition and bad tradition! Responsible leadership must demarcate useless, or morally backward and economically damaging customs against those that are good. Only a foolish mindset encourages and participates in such folly.

For instance, what Mr. O'Neill is seen doing is threefold utterly negative and destructive to modernism in that so-called custom that he promotes:

1. Some Spirits are called upon by some incarnations to empower or bless him to become a leader of vast following to become Prime Minister.

The truth of science as the modern world knows is that intelligence, Science, technology and hard smart work on building modern human skills that which empower young people to success and progress!!!!

Also it is quality education and enlightenment to innovation and cutting-edge strategies of electronic commerce and business (e-commerce , e-business etc) and sound economic management that empowers young people of this era.

IT IS NOT ANY "MADE -UP" Spirit of dead ancestors that empowers anybody and for Peter O'Neill to portray a depiction of such belief is so illustrative of bad leadership !!!

The belief in the spirits of the dead for modern life success or empowerment is an absolute lie, a nonsense and devoid of any scientific evidence!!!
In the video Mr. O'Neill just enjoys a splash of water believed to be full of ancestral spirits.

That's it! MR O'Neill thinks he is already suddenly full of empowerment and wisdom to become Prime Minister again despite of him being DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for high debt levels of PNG, the corrupt UBS loan saga, breach of processes and laws of good governance and mismanagement of PNG'S economy!!!

Mr. O'Neill must begin to live in reality where he must recall that when he was PM for 7 years from 2009 to 2017, he did a lot of economic and financial destruction of life for Papua New Guineans that his deceptive stupid customary practices will never cleanse the nation of the destruction he caused.

Such practice of custom is useless to modernity and resonates to cargo cultism, encouraging the mindset that good things happen to anyone for idleness and laziness or complacency as long as the spirits are called upon to empower one.

I call on all voters to reject at the poll leaders and candidates who practice and promote cargo cult mentality or stupidity!!!! Vote for science, God and practicality!!!

2. Mr. O'Neill is seen in the video doing some custom that is similar to wicked Papua New Guinea customs that encourages sorcery or Sanguma in the country.

In Papua New Guinea, we have witnessed very recently innocent women killed, girls and mothers tortured, men beheaded and people burnt alive believed to have had been practicing sorcery or Sanguma.!!!

These savageous, horrific and terrifying crimes perpetrated on innocent mothers, daughters, men and women alike is an abomination and dark age -styled killings in PNG.!!!

The truth we know is that sorcery or sanguma DOES NOT EXIST in reality!!!

The video shows Mr O'Neill partaking in a custom that is somewhat similar to sorcery and Sanguma practices.

What is done on O'Neill may not be an act of direct sorcery or sanguma practice to make him overpower others, but still true of the act that it is a scientifically baseless, useless and backward traditional practice that deceives the young mind to resorting to some powerful ability just like in sorcery beliefs that sorcerers or ritualised humans are believed to be overpowering others by simple incantations and splashing of water.

I strongly discourage leaders and people of all works of life to abort the category of customs that inspire sorcery, cargo cultism or laziness. I encourage all to believe in the reality of positive thinking, smart hard work, quality education, scientific and technological approaches and meaningful meditation of positivity and greatness.

I call on all to reject all forms of useless and scientifically baseless customs that do help National progress or empower human rights and dignity.

3. The contention I present to this debate is based on the truth presented in the video that shows Mr. O'Neill 's so- called practice of Manus custom.

It does not matter whether it be a Manus or other PNG custom!!!

What does matter is that this practice seen here in the video inspires other bad customs like cargo cult and sorcery practices.

My comments do not demonize our people! Rather my statements demonize the practice of customs that encourages cargo cultism, laziness and complacency!


My policy encourages quality education, innovation, technology and cutting-edge strategies. My argument promotes business competition, hard work and skill development for developing competitive edge in our people.!!!

I am saying here that resorting to spiritualism like calling on ancestral spirits for help is as fake as hocus pocus and deceptive!!!

I call on all voters to trust me!!!

Listen to what I am saying here!!!

It is you who saves you or makes you become a success …!!!

The dead spirits do not exist and do not help at all!!!

So be true to yourself and entrust yourself to the reality of science, hard and smart work, quality education and the true God of love and positive thinking!!!!
Avoid always cargo-cult mentality....for there is NO "free lunch" in life !!!

People with cargo cultism mentality become thieves, robbers, corrupt and "good-for -nothing "cheaters and deceivers who destroy a society!!!

I call on PANGEANS to trust what I am saying and vote into Parliament true leaders and not vote pseudo-leaders and cargo-cult folly.

Pony leaders and their candidates must be rejected at the polls if people want to save themselves from the disasters of economic and moral disasters created by humans in the recent past.


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