By Lyanne Togiba – NBC News PNG | 13 November 2020.

Prime Minister James Marape has assured the nation that the Government is intact.

At a news conference this afternoon, Mr. Marape said he has 52 members of the house with him.

He said, this is just how politics is, and what happened on the floor of Parliament this morning was expected.

”The Opposition leader does what he had to do, he felt that he had the muscles to take control of the Parliament proceedings and he took control of this morning’s Parliament proceedings and we excerpt that.

”We are not Constitutional hooligans, we are not Constitutional plunders and rapist on this side.

”Executive government is in place, Parliament conducted it’s business today, that’s Parliament business, now the Executive government still runs its course, I am prime minister sitting on the Chair of the prime minister,” said Marape.

Marape is also confident the 2021 national budget will be delivered when Parliament resumes in December.

The Prime Minister has appealed to Papua New Guineans for calm at this time.

He was flanked by senior cabinet members, including Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua, Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey, Environment Minister Wera Mori, Police Minister Bryan Kramer, Finance Minister Reinbo Paita, Works Minister Michael Nali, Lands minister John Roso among other ministers.

Provincial governors include Northern Gary Juffa, Enga Sir Peter Ipatas, Southern Highlands William Powi, Simbu Michael Dua, and others who were also with Prime Minister.

NBC News- Lyanne Togiba

Words and image from NBC News PNG.


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2 thoughts on “Prime Minister James Marape has assured the nation that the Government is intact”

  1. Prime Minister James Marape is doing a marvelous job and I see no reason to change his government but it’s only through self interest and greed by power hungry individual MPs.

    1. Jackie, that’s a valid comment. I’m in agreement with your view. Our national leaders are making too much mockery and becoming a laughing stock before other nationals leaders around the globe.