Gary Juffa

Dear all,

I note many on this forum and other ORO Forums raising issues of corruption and making comments regarding corruption. Indeed it is the subject of much discussion everywhere and anywhere in PNG. I am delighted to see so many taking a keen interest in their province.

However, the sad fact is that while many discuss it, very few are willing to do anything about it. When contacted and asked for evidence and names and or a statement and cooperation, most go silent and are unwilling to step up and do what is required.

Well corruption will not disappear if this is the approach we are taking. It will only disappear if we make the effort to report it and keep fighting it by ensuring that the issue we reported is acted upon.

Today we are living in an environment where corruption has become such a norm that its proponents and defenders are nearly everywhere and very powerful. It will take courage and strong will to address it. It will take cooperation and resilience.

Yes, it is safe to fight from a virtual distance but it takes real courage to step up and actually provide the evidence, give statements and provide names and assist in the process of addressing corruption.

Like any other Province, Oro is certainly not free of corruption. But to address the issue will take real effort not just words. Since taking office I have referred many matters to the Police for action.

Unfortunately the period 2012 – 2017 was a period of time when I can say that corruption was NOT the priority of the National Government. As a result many of our cases were stalled or did not even get processed.

Meanwhile I was bitterly disappointed to witness many of our cases be struck out and sent to the Police to complete simply because of lack of cooperation from witnesses and or poor prosecution effort from the Police.

Now that there is a new Government in place, we are addressing this situation and are keen to totally revamp our Police capacity and ensure that our cases are effectively processed from reporting, investigations to prosecutions.

We shall review all the old cases reported and add to them new cases and monitor the whole process to successful completion.

If anyone is serious about fighting corruption, step up with facts and figures and evidence and lets make sure it is truly addressed. Otherwise emotional outbursts and social media posts will continue and so will corruption.

This is our province and the monies we are dealing with belong to our people and we must do all we can to protect their interest. If we make noise but do not step up, we are indeed failing our province and our people.

I shall be making some changes to my office in terms of having a more open office for dialogue and interaction and now that the fundamental task of removing the ONEILL REGIME is over (2012 – 2019) we can focus on what needs to be done for Oro.

I can only say that when one is fighting a war against a powerful formidable force, one cannot attend to their family, their garden, their house or social obligations until the war is won.

I will not elaborate too much on this but rather allow my actions this year until 2022 to speak for itself. Suffice to say the boot on our neck was finally removed however their agents are still at play.

Now no doubt all the 2022 candidates and the usual critics will be at it again but that’s fine too, its their right to criticize and see only what they choose to see.

Many are sponsored by not a few greedy entities who desire the land and resources of our Province and are seeking out willing facilitators and puppets who will seek to enter our fragile garden and wreak havoc. We must recognize them and keep them out of our garden.

Finally, thank you for your time and please keep posting and discussing BUT BACK IT UP WITH FACTS AND EVIDENCE AND ACTION.

My email is or lodge your corruption complaint at the PEC with Mr Namono or with PPC Welly at the Popondetta Police Station and please provide statements and evidence. Remember, its all our Province.

The theme for this year is PROGRESS THROUGH DISCIPLINE.


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