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THE Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd has made a huge breakthrough that resulted in the record high quality production in the past two consecutive years despite facing numerous challenges, both internal and external, according to Company President, Gao Yongxue.

During the Company Annual Work Conference 2020 held Tuesday Jan 14, 2020, Mr. Gao declared from Ramu NiCo’s head office in Beijing that the Company’s successful high quality production for two consecutive years due to historical technical breakthroughs placed Ramu NiCo one of the top nickel laterite hydrometallurgy industries in the world.

Mr. Gao delivered the Annual Report from Beijing via video conferencing and attended by both staff and senior management at Kurumbukari Mine in Bundi LLG, Basamuk in Rai Coast and Madang Base office.

He also summarized the 2019 work accomplishments and emphasized on operational targets and priorities for this year which calls for collective efforts to pursue and maintain high quality development and accomplish 2020 tasks.

The President announced that the unprecedented performance by Ramu NiCo put the Company on the world map where it outperformed other similar nickel laterite hydrometallurgy industries worldwide and was awarded MCC Group’s “Progressive Prize”.

“In 2019, we implemented arrangements of MCC – Group with firmness, overcame difficulties and hardships, facilitated production and operation in a concerted manner and embarked on comprehensive measures to survive the market downturn, mitigate risks, curtail inventory and improve profit,”

“As the result, Ramu NiCo outperformed competitors worldwide in the nickel laterite hydrometallurgy industry, fulfilled annual budgets issued by MCC – Group achieving a 26.6% year – on – year revenue for two consecutive years,”

“Therefore, the Company was awarded the MCC Group’s “Progressive Prize”, Mr. Gao said.

The President said the Project went through major challenging circumstances including political instabilities, misleading information to the publics with extensive public attentions leading to the temporary shutdown of Basamuk Refinery for 7 days.

Mr. Gao said other challenges include frequent equipment failure at Basamuk Refinery, sharp decline in ore grade at KBK Mine and serious grade fluctuation due to Enekuwai bypass road construction at KBK Mine site.

“We underscored risk control in joint efforts and pursued high quality development with rigor,”

“In the face of daunting challenges, in a coordinated and efficient manner, stepped up competency in legal framework, ensure compliance, ensure legal rights and competency to work with inclusiveness and openness, adopted stringent performance appraisal, sailed through the predicaments and got the Project off to the bright new start,” Mr. Gao said.

Going forward this year, Mr. Gao asked the management and staff to focus on accountability, draw practical and workable operational strategies and strive to achieve high quality project development.

(PICTURED, Ramu NiCo President, Gao Yongxue delivering the Ramu NiCo Project Annual Report 2020 from Beijing, China.)


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