Housing Minister and MP for Moresby South Hon. Justin Tkatchenko has announced exiting from PNC Party to re-join the Social Democratic Party.

The first was Higher Education Minister Nick Kuman. However, he has not announced his party hopping yet.

Minister Tkatchenko made this announcement at the media conference this afternoon.

Tkatchenko said after careful consideration and deliberation, he has decided to re-join the Social Democratic Party under the leadership of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

“SD Party is the original Party I stood with in 2012 and importantly, it shares the development agenda which I stand upon for the constituents of Moresby South, the people of our city and our country,” Tkatchenko said.

“I have given this much thought and this decision was not made lightly.”

“It was a decision to ensure the continued success for the city that has come from a successful working relationship with Governor Parkop.

It is a decision to ensure Development continues for our people and our capital city. It is a decision made to ensure we get on with the job of delivering services,” Minister Tkatchenko explained.

“I sincerely thank the Peoples National Congress Party and all my PNC Party colleagues and members for their friendship and professional relationships we had over the last 7 years.”

He also thank Prime Minister James Marape for the same commitment and steady hand to deliver continued results for his people.

Meanwhile, Governor Parkop officially welcome Minister Tkatchenko to his PD Party saying he is looking forward to working with him going forward supporting Marape-Davis Government.



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