By Hon MP Bryan Kramer


Following my last article titled “Will O’Neill Return as Prime Minister?”, I noted numerous comments more focused on the question on when he will be arrested.

As an issue of immense public interest, understandably, it’s a fair question to ask.

First of all it’s important to note – whether someone gets arrested or not, is a matter for the Police.

So the appropriate authority to answer the question on when O’Neill will be arrested in relation to the many corruption allegations levelled against him, again is the Police Force.

If someone were to ask for my opinion on the issue then I would say the short answer is sometime in 2020.

It’s public knowledge that O’Neill is accused of being in the center of numerous corruption scandals, namely K71 million Paraka saga, K50 million LR Generators, K3 billion UBS Loan to name a few. There are actually many more allegations that are being investigated.

So why hasn’t O’Neill been arrested and charged over them?

Well, because he has been evading arrest by refusing to avail himself to the Police, hiding out in hotel rooms, fleeing the country and filing fake court documents to obtain stay orders.

To date he has been able to continually avoid arrest due to a dysfunctional and ineffective Police Force which is a result of years of neglect and political interference.

So in my view the best means to fight corruption including having O’Neill answer to the allegations against him is to first fix the Police Force.

This includes taking immediate action to restore discipline, ensure sufficient funding as well as address the many welfare issues, including basic entitlements, adequate pay, housing and paying outstanding allowances.

Under the Marape Steven Government there has been significant improvements in the Police Force and it has been the number one issue on the floor of Parliament and even in the media.

2020 will be a blockbuster year for our Police Force as it addresses the many internal issues as well as coming out to bat in the fight against corruption and addressing the escalating law and order issues around the country.

In response to the claims that I’m somewhat scared of Peter O’Neill?

Well the last time I checked I wasn’t the one hiding out in hotel rooms, back of vehicles or fleeing overseas to avoid arrest.

Food for Thought – those who are innocent will always be too happy to avail themselves to the law to prove their innocence while those who are guilty will always run and hide from it.



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  1. Thanks BK, we the silent majority trust you but my point is that, if Peter O’Neill continues to try and defend himself with the aid of these lucrative lawyers. Let him be until he gets exhausted and the system will surely catch up with him.
    He will never ever buy a rocket and escape forever to planet Pluto or planet Mars. He will try his best to defend his seat in the up coming 2022 election or he might probably get ill/sick something might happen. His just a human being and there would not another time again where he will be a PM of this great nation and deceive us again.
    Anyway BK, keep the light shining at end of the tunnel and not only on PO’s issues but other equivalent issues still being outstanding/pending and in the dark so with the Grace of our Creator, He will continue to bless and protect you with the blood of his son (Jesus Christ), give you more understanding to help you and other like minded leaders lead our country out of these doldrums and become a rich black christian nation one day at HIS (God’s) own Will.