accusation of sorcery leading to two women tortured by twenty men in port moresby

Sorcery Accusations Leads to Two Women Being Tortured by Twenty Men in Port Moresby City


Police in the National Capital District has condemned the gruesome torture of two women over sorcery accusations by a group of about 20 men.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu says they fled before police arrived at the scene.

Mr Ikumu strongly condemned these criminal acts and requested the families and relatives of the two victims to provide their statements.

He says from the statements, the perpetrators will be identified for arrests to be made.

Mr Ikumu says the timely intervention of Fox 304 and a Gordons police unit led by their Police Station Commander Inspector Robert Wane saved the two women.

He adds, the pair were accused of practicing sorcery, held in captivity, beaten up and thrown into a fire, going by the burns they sustained.

One of the women managed to escape from her captors and ran down a hill before she was rescued by police while the second victim was found badly wounded and bound with ropes when she was found by police, lying in a garden.

The incident occurred at a settlement near the NBC Headquarter at 5 Mile. The attack started on Sunday morning and continued into the afternoon at around t2pm when police were alerted and rescued one, while the other had escaped earlier.

Divisional Commander NCD/Central, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jnr has also condemned this vicious attack, adding it is unacceptable.

Commander Wagambie says people must change their mindset as they are living in a modern growing city.

He has vowed that police will ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

Police investigations will start after the two women are visited by Counseling experts.

NBC News PNG – Lyanne Togiba

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