The 44th Independence Anniversary of Papua New Guinea – The Prime Minister’s Formal Speech, September 16th 2019.


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H.E Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, Governor General of Papua New Guinea,

Speaker of Parliament, Hon Job Pomat and all National Parliament staff,

Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea Sir Gibs Salika and all our Judges, Chief Magistrate, Magistrates and Staff of the third and important arm of Government, our Judiciary,

Hon. Dr. John Momis, President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and our people of Bougainville,

Hon. Powes Parkop, Governor of NCD and all Governors of the other 20 provinces and our people honouring our country in provinces and districts,

Ministers of State and Members of Parliament,

High Commissioners and Ambassadors of countries who have been friends of PNG since 1975,

Important dignitaries and invited guests to our 44 years of independence flag raising ceremony,

Our Chief Secretary and all our public servants,

Commander and Commissioners of our three discipline forces,

Leaders of different faiths including our Christian Church leaders and your church members, People of my country, Ladies and Gentlemen

Today, 16th of September 2019 marks 44 years since our Sovereign Flag was hoisted for the first time in 1975, and since then, 7 Prime Ministers stood before me, all of them and leaders who served with them that I remember today.

I now stand here before you all people and friends of Papua New Guinea as your chief servant to rally the country under the rise of our unifying flag once again.

One hundred and ten days ago my group leaders were conferred high privilege to serve all parts of our country and not for a selected few.

For we are nation of over a thousand tribes, who speak over 830 different languages, from highlands to lowlands, from mountains to seas, from square kilometres of land blends unity in diversity, we are the most diversed nation on the face of earth.

Despite being so diverse yet, we continue to survive the test of time as a nation thus far.

Yes I am the first to admit that we still have our short comings as a young nation and to name a few.

Uneven distribution of resources, lack of quality development, under performance of resource a harvest, squandering of resources through corruption and complacency, non functional systems of government, etc etc but I am not here to dwell on the past but to learn from past mistakes and improve for a better future.

Hindsight sets the foresight as they say and my Government’s foresight is set and fixed.

In my mind, the first and foremost is to ensure that we not only celebrate political independence during September 16s but full economic independence as well.

Our nation is endowed with all forms of tropical fisheries and marine resources, all forms of tropical agricultural resources, abundance sunshine and water, mineral and petroleum resources.

We also have talented Human Resources.

We are closer to the Asia Pacific market then most and with our membership to APEC, our association with ASEAN.

Our healthy bilateral relationship with nations like Australia, China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Great Britain, USA and EU nations.

All of the above gives us good opportunities to do well.

Proper harvest of our natural resources and equitable sharing with our investors plus better redistribution to our land owners and provincial governments will ensure we move towards economic independence.

Economic independence is my government’s first and foremost priority born of Pangu Party’s dogma of complimenting the political independence Pangu Party led PNG into in 1975.

By 2025, when our nation celebrates 50 years of independence, I want to look back to today in 2019 as the year in which my generation of reformist leaders changed legislative gears for truly better harvest of our God given natural resources.

In this, I envisage economic independence to liberate our citizens off poor health services, low quality of education, poverty lifestyle, dilapidated infrastructures and unsafe lawless society to one of;

Top quality education and health services accessible to all citizens and residents, peace and harmonious society, connectivity of all hamlets villages, towns, cities and provinces through roads, bridges, ports, airports, electricity and digital communications.

In a nutshell, our people must benefit from resources in their own land, ocean and airspace.

Working to give full economic independence is the reason why I am sure within 10 years, this country of a thousand tribes can become the richest black Christian nation where no child is left behind.

To make this happen we must all pledge in unison that where ever we are placed in PNG, we will rise and shine to do our outmost best for our country.

Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA and all nations that have progressed were not built by machines and robots but by human beings like us.

Today on the anniversary of 44 years of independence, I as your eighth Prime Minister pledge to you my firm commitment that I will not be bought or sold to corporate and individual greed but stand resolved for the greater good of my PNG.

I ask you all, Members of Parliament, Ministers of State, every public servants and all citizens of this country, no magic or dreams with no efforts will get us out of present poverty into rich and fullness of life.

It starts with each and every citizens living as Christians must live, in harmony with one another, do unto others what you want others to do to you and working productively with your brains and hands.

First thing first, my government will amend laws to give back to you resource owners and provinces including our Bougainville regional government your fair share of resources revenue but I call on you all to give back to PNG a good law and order environment.

Let us work together to secure our country’s future by joining hands irrespective of our colors of our provincial flags but under our national flag, let us blend our diversified tribal songs into a united nation anthem,

For our strength and security is in a united future where we are not only politically independent but truly independent economically.

In next year’s budget and onwards we will have some innovative avenues to help tertiary students and PNG business women and men so keep your heads high and assist your nation by being law abiding.

Together we can, divide we fall, united we stand, as united tribes of PNG.

As John Kennedy asked of America to not ask what the country can do for them but them doing for their United States of America, JF Kennedy also uttered an impossible dream in 1961 he said in 10 years USA will put men on moon and they did it in 8 years.

We can do it too, whilst we may not put men to moon in years, we can make PNG better in 10 years if we all start now.

May the God of our Ancestors, the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel bless you all citizens and friends of PNG now and forever.

Happy 44 years of my Papua New Guinea, looking forward for the next 44 years in which you will truly be the richest black Christian nation on earth.

Let us start this by taking back PNG in our mind and actions.

God bless Papua New Guinea. Happy Independence.

Love you all.


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