On Friday, 23rd April 2021, Department of Prime Minister and NEC released an official statement of Prime Minister Hon. James Marape launching a constitutional inquiry on declaration of Papua New Guinea as a Christian country. The Body of Churches in PNG are making their position clear. Christian Denominations and ministries of Evangelical, Pentecostals and Para Churches including all ministries affiliated to and are members of the Body of Christ Church made their positions clear in declaring PNG a Christian nation.

The Body of Christ Church Made Their Positions Clear in Declaring Papua New Guinea a Christian Nation.

By Quineth Wangoro | Kalang FM | MAY 31, 2021.

Christian Denominations and ministries of Evangelical, Pentecostals and Para Churches including all ministries affiliated to and are members of the Body of Christ Church made their positions clear in declaring PNG a Christian nation.

The 11 church leaders representing their respective churches have all agreed and fully supported the work undertaken by the constitutional Law Reform Commission with the support of government for carrying out this tedious process of consultation throughout the country.

In a media conference this morning, Reverend Joseph Walters said God is important and everyone is committed to him; thus He must be recognized in the constitution.

Reverend Walters said in declaring that in the constitution as a Christian Nation they see as giving God the prominence.

With great respect to the country’s founding fathers, Rev. Walters said they have laid the foundation and it is time to take this further, and declaring by way of a constitutional amendment is a way forward.

He adds that when the world sees PNG, they will see it as a Christian nation which has to be protected and defended for now and into the future.

Similar sentiments were also expressed by other pastors.

The BoC acknowledges the presence of other religions in the country and stated that it is not their intention to marginalize or discriminate them, but welcome a harmonious co-existence.

Most Relevant comment

Fr. Fautsch | 01 June 2021.

The Practicalities of Making PNG a Christian Nation Legally. Is GoPNG Truly Sure of This?

The Body of Christ advisory council and the Parliamentary leaders through CLRC who with good intentions wanted to legislatively make PNG a Christian Country should be truly critical of what could be the practicalities the new law will call for to regulate once passed. Before the idea is fancied, have they considered the following?

1. Will GoPNG before passing this new law prepared to;

A). Decommission The National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) and ban all the Gambling Activities, including changing the landscape of the businesses that are investing in various forms of gambling and night clubbing businesses in PNG?

B). Disband and close down all alcohol manufacturers, retails and cigarette companies and imports.

C). Strictly apply measures to ensure  prostitution, polyandry, homosexuality and polygamy are banned and have very strict penalty imposed on violators?

D). Stop all local PNG music industry, radio station , censure television stations etcetera that record, play, telecast and release all other songs and videos apart from gospel and Christian program?

2. Is the GoPNG prepared to give powers to the churches to preach and evangelise whilst also regulating the laws amongst their Congregations in partnership with law enforcement bodies?

3. Is GoPNG going to ensure all 8 million PNG is part of a church and thus have some form of legal record binded within individual and churches to uphold the new Religion Act; and backsliding shall never be an option for anyone of us?

4. Will this new Religion Act give churches the power to condemn and recommend condemnation on any activities deemed by the churches to have one way or another inflict and or tempt people to fall into sin?

5. Will those other religions and cult practices apart of Christianity established in our nation be stopped and be banned of practice?

6. Corruption is a big deal in our country, how has this new law going to impact and improve this very big systemic sin?

Is GoPNG set to support the work of Christianity fully by means of introduced cleansing, that includes abolishing, decommissioning which may limit citizens freewill to choose between personal wishes, practice, beliefs and religions by isolating of various aspects of our nation’s functions, the businesses, norms, and practices contradictory to the true Christian values?

Will this new law be able to help our government change policies and ensure all its deals and it’s people conducts are on a daily basis secluded inside Christian values?

If GoPNG is prepared and is also confident at this stage that the people are ready and the country is set to uphold such a radical religious change for the good than it shall declare so.

The bottom line here is that this new law, how practical will it be to support the growth of this country by true Christian values identity?

We are a true developing Christian nation. When many of our business investment interests and ongoing growth of the developing activities continuously challenging against Christian Bible principles;

how would GoPNG truly mold and shape our national status quo to support and uphold Christian Biblical values within the people and it’s businesses to supprt alignment of our faith practically to improve our nation as a one Christian body?

If this new idea cannot really turn the country by practice but a mere declaration without worthy government policy changes to redirect the course of our country’s unholy dealings towards molding a Christian integrated nation, we rather stop the nonsense.

We cannot continuously mock Yaweh with our high level blasphemy. The King James Bible in parliament then and now a law to declare us a Christian Nation.

We ought to be careful. We might face the wrath of God if there is never going to be a true Christian change by practice led by our government. Let’s be careful with what we do with God.

Author: Hubert Fautsch Kaupa

Source: http://www.kalangfm.com/news/body-of-christ-church-supports-call-to-declare-png-a-christian-country

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