From: Hon. Minister Lino Jeremiah Tom
Post by U Tok

The Wabag District has embarked on a few projects and I would like to give an update on their progress.



1) Maramuni Road-13 kilometres 20% complete (4 new machines already procured and awaiting Mapai to freight up next week. This should speed up the work and we hope to reach Pasalagus by April 2020 or thereabouts)

2) Komaites Road-80% complete-will require gravelling and insertion of water drainage devices

3) Lakolam-Keas road-90%

4) Tombem road-80%-will require gravelling and insertion of water drainage devices

5) Kung Road-60%-gravelling and some more work

6) Aiyale Valley-20%-Gravelling, bridge over Lai river and much more work

7) Kamas and Lakaiyok-Sopas roads will commence in 2 weeks time (machine bought already and waiting for Mapai to freight up to Wabag.

8)Tukusanda Aipanda Road-20% complete

9) Ambum bridge- 95% complete

10) Kiwi Bridge-contract awarded and bridge procured already-will commence soon. Project stalled due to small law and order issue


1) Aiyale valley-contract awarded and awaiting treasury to sort mobilisation fees. Funds available

2) Tombem-contract awarded but awaiting design to be completed and vetted by PNG Power


1) Lakopenda Staff Duplex to commence in 2020 with EU and Tribal Foundation partnership

2) Yokomanda health centre in partnership with EU and PNGTF-will commence in 2020

3) Tumbilam Health Centre in partnership with EU and PNGTF-will commence in 2020

4) Sopas Staff Housing Project-in partnership with the National Health Department. Ground breaking in 2 weeks time. Contract already awarded (K3 mill plus project) and funding already available

5) Maramuni Sub-health Center-K12 million and will commence next year as soon as road reaches Pasalagus and will be built by ADB


1) Tei Abal Secondary dormitory-80% complete

2) Kopen Secondary dormitory-ground breaking will happen in 2 weeks time

3) Rakamanda Classroom-quadriplex will commence soon when education department releases funds. Submission approved in principle already

4) Student subsidy programs where students earn their assistance by taking part in school holiday programs. This Christmas they will commence once details of programs are finalised


1) Market project will commence in April 2020-sorting out the final detailed proposal. PNG Incentive fund will fund at the cost of K10 million

2) Chicken project- as soon as the market commences we will also commence completion of the chicken project in partnership with the Kayaul people as per our MOU. It will be owned by the Kayaul tribe

3) Fish Nursery and Inland Aquaculture training Centre-will be launched in November and built at Pupang-a project given to the Neymain people of Kopen


1) EU and PNGTF will commence a very comprehensive program to curb Law and Order over 3 year at the cost of over K5.3 million

2) EU will assist the district directly in another funding initiative with capacity building by rolling our programs and details will be finalised soon

3) Student Outreach Programs-commenced last year and will continue every year as school fee subsidy programs. They will address law and order issues as well


We have spent over K500,000 as counter funding and registered over 40,000 people in 3 months; a record still to be broken. Next week we will present the first 4000 cards. The delay had nothing to do with us and everything to do with the Civil Registry department.

There are other exciting new projects and programs already on the line and will soon be announced when we get some concrete answers from the funding organisations.

Wabag DDAs aim is to create AN EQUAL PLATFORM FOR EVERYONE so as to prevent this culture where only the privileged have more opportunities to life than those others who are not so.

This NENG NANENG Engan political culture will end one day soon. I will make sure we provide good and quality access and also basic government services to almost EVERYONE so if you fail in life, it will be because of yourself and not the government.

My initial post was to provide some insight to people who are aspiring to be politicians and leaders in the community to render service and be the leader you claim to be by the intent of your actions, and not to hallucinate and have grandiose delusions that you can be one just because some people may think or say so.

Nothing to do with self pity because I don’t sit and cry. I am a doer and I achieve things. Engans can flatter you into believing that you’re someone you’re not just so they can bleed you off funds that you worked and sweated so hard to earn. Also, you cannot rub mud on another person to make yourself better.

It only spoils yourself the more, because people are more aware these days as its the INFORMATION AGE. People are more educated and you can’t con anyone these days.

The era of conman supremacy is of a bygone era of the yesteryears. Now, people want honest and hard working people and not people who earn their living by flattering other people.

For everyone’s information, The only things that are adding stress to me these days are the social obligations as I simply don’t have the means to serve everyone’s PERSONAL INTERESTS and ISSUES.

However, I am more than capable to address the society’s needs through sheer hard work as it’s not as hard as the medical work I once did. I HAVE WRITTEN ALL THE ABOVE SUBMISSIONS MYSELF AND FOLLOWED UP MYSELF.

This is not as stressful and don’t think I am going to quit just because some dissatisfied fake keyboard warriors decide to run some hate columns and commentaries.

Also, I have lived and worked in a war-torn area for more than 7 years amidst real threats and actual confrontation with real battle-hardened mercenaries so don’t try and fantasise that this intimidation strategy may work.

I am not easily intimidated. I have gone through a baptism of fire in my first election with real threats from formidable people and anything from lesser foes will be detrimental to yourselves.

Also, try something new apart from this old misappropriation legend because I have also already been falsely accused for the Sopas project and faced Fraud Squad twice and got cleared and i know how this system works.

These are ancient election strategies. If you can’t come with some intelligent and new creative strategies to face me in 2022, you may as well quit for your own sake and the sake of the people because I am not taking this opportunity to enrich myself.

The predicament facing our people is far more important than some bruised ego or personal vendetta or itch you’d like to soothe, scratch or settle. WABAG and ENGA is bigger than anyone of us.

I feel obliged and compelled to work as there’s a stronger passion driving me and that’s the future of my children and the children of Enga. It is because I want to create a better and fairer tomorrow full of hope and optimism where my children can live and grow in happily.

If we don’t change this course now when we still have the resources and our population is lesser, surely it will only be worse in time. It is frightening indeed and we all have to work hard to salvage our children’s future.

Before I end I urge my supporters to respect everyone as God created all of us EQUAL. I respect all of you my people.

For the fake keyboard warriors, I have your IDs but i think you deserve better in life and therefore I urge you to find yourself something good to do for your family and society.

Nothing you say or do will change me and I care less too. You’re only wasting your precious time and energy. The only stress I feel is from the endless social obligations as there is simply no budget for it from the Government and that

I simply don’t have answers to all your issues. Anything apart from that is bush-league so don’t waste your time and breath. There Are all insignificant.

Also remember, What goes around comes around. If you try to create enmity between me and other respected leaders in the community, you will reap the consequences yourselves and not anyone else.

Please lets hate less and love more. I have no grudge against anyone. Being a leader comes with a territory and I will tolerate criticisms of any sort because you are all stakeholders and entitled to your views no matter how strewed and convoluted they are.

I will take on all good criticisms and try find better solutions as I cannot be God to know it all.

God bless you all.


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