Excelling in endication from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) to the University of South Australia, Sailas Tipayam reflected on his academic performances from the two universities. Intending students, current students and staff of all the tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea can learn from this reflection.

The University of Papua New Guinea and The University of South Australia – A Personal Reflection by Sailas Tipayamb.

by Sailas Tipayamb.

The University of Papua New Guinea and The University of South Australia - A Personal Reflection by Sailas Tipayamb.
Excelling in College Education

A SELF REFLECTION: When I attended the University of Papua New Guinea my academic performance dropped from being an ‘A’ student to an ‘Average’ student.

This is attributed to the lack of resources such as textbooks, laptops, and money to research online. Coming from a subsistence family the cost were significantly high.

I used to handwrite most of the assignments and submit them. Though there was occasional relatives’ assistance they had their children’s needs to meet as well. I graduated with average grades knowing that was not my level of competence.

Job searching was tough. 100% of the graduate programs required better marks than what I got. I had to start somewhere to build my career and I did that by starting with customer services roles and others.

Surprisingly, I got an offer for a graduate program from a mining company. The offer letter was hand-delivered to me while I was working as a bank teller in downtown-Port Moresby.

I didn’t waste my time reading the details. I signed the letter and gave it back to the Manager-HR who did the delivery.

This is what I have been patiently waiting all this time. He was one of our key clients so he knew me well. The hardship is history now.

Now that I am attending one of the top-ranking universities in Australia (University of South Australia). It just triggered my academic intelligence scoring Distinctions with an initial GPA of 6. Fingers crossed to maintain it.

Through the course PLP, I came across what is called the “Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence’. A very interesting concept.

There are 8 different types of intelligence different individuals possess. Going back to my average performance academically at the University of Papua New Guinea.

What kept me at that level even if I didn’t have resources to support my study was my;
1. Logical-mathematical Intelligence.
2. Intrapersonal Intelligence.

My research discovered that I possess these two distinct intelligence above.

Therefore, I was able to logically analyze my strengths and weaknesses, have excellent self-awareness and conceptualize theories and ideas primarily in my mind and I didn’t fail at the University of Papua New Guinea at that time.

These 2 intelligence based on Gardner’s theory placed excellence in mathematics, science, engineering, and economics.

No wonder I scored ‘B’ in economics in my grade 12 national examinations while scoring ‘A’ in science (chemistry, physics) and mathematics 1.

From The University of Papua New Guinea To The University of South Australia - A Personal Reflection by Sailas Tipayamb.
Mr. Sailas Tipayamb.

Picture and words from Sailas via LinkedIn profile.

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