Robert Iki LesoThere are Leaders Who are Hopeless.

By Robert Iki Leso


There are leaders who are hopeless. They cannot provide any solutions for any simple problems. However, just because of their money, people ignorantly follow them.

This is really heartbreaking because even with their millions of kina, they cannot do anything. The only thing they can do is to brainwash blind supporters with emotionally charged parties that last only few hours.

The narrow minded supporters get drunk and think they can walk on the moon and beome superhumans. The well manipulated plans work for these psychopath leaders.

Without doing anything his supporters with hire cars drive back and forth aimlessly as a band aid solutions to make them forget their problems while alcohol is in their blood.

When everything subsides, the growling, groaning and whinning continues again. Leaders who actually provide solutions and come with bags full of ideas are the real deal and should be trusted than those who are loud mouthed with money bags.

Never follow foolish leaders and think that you are on a highway to paradise. What is awaiting you is disaster, destruction, pain and lasting regret. Nobody on earth can give you free money. The only free money comes from your sweat.

Only stupids live with free money in fool’s paradise which does not really exist. Such place exists only in their dreams and the world of fantasy where there is no return ticket.



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