NATION AT THE CROSSROADS – Appeal to My Engan Brother Leaders.

By Lino Jeremaih Tom | 19 November 2020.

What is at play now will determine the future of our nation. The Marape Government has taken a stand to Take Back PNG by changing Resource Laws to ensure we get more in the development of all our Resources. The Opposition want to go down the same path we’ve been traveling for the last 45 years.

They want to settle for crumbs that fall off the table. Corporations have played this game for so long and know how to manipulate gullible and greedy Politicians from third world countries and sadly this is the story today.

In life we can only be given one chance to set the course of our nation on a path to true economic independence and I think now is that time for me. I want to make my vote count to secure my children’s future.

I want to appeal to my 4 leaders from Enga to reconsider their stand during these crucial times. This Government wants to get more from Porgera Gold mine improving our tiny 5% equity to over 51%. Enga stands to benefit greatly from this and it baffles my mind why we can’t all support this government who wants to give us and the people of Enga more.

I know we all have issues of equitable resource sharing from this mine but those issues can be resolved after the deals are signed. We can ask this government to look at these benefit sharing agreements. This is our government. Yumi killim kapul pastem na behine yumi toktok lo how lo skelim.

Time kapul stap lo diwai yet, yumi noken koros go kam lo whusait bai kaikai wanem part. Let’s get this deal signed. Your own son Chief Issac Lupari is leading this negotiation.

Anyway, you all know I have so much respect for you all and I want to appeal to your conscience. PM Marape has come on board to fight our battle and how dare we leave him at the forefront and desert him when the battle is heating up.

It is unlike our Hela custom and I appeal to you all to reconsider. He is willing to pay the price to ensure we get the lion’s share in our mine. He has given the mine back to us. What more can we ask of our Hela brother. If it’s bruised ego for missing out of Ministries, I am willing to forgo mine so some of you can have it.

In fact, a lot at the Government camp want to give up theirs. If it’s for other reasons that are not noble, please think again. The people of Enga elected you to represent them and not the ones in Vanimo camp. You don’t want to compromise the greater good of Enga to scratch and soothe the ambitions of a itchy few who are fighting to be PMs.

If you’re not going to be a candidate for PM, I’d rather you come back and support this government who’s fighting for you and your people and their future.

This nation is at the crossroads now. Better resource laws will definitely redeem us and secure our children’s future. Don’t hang around with people who cut deals to the detriment of us the people and our future. I respect you all and write this respectfully to appeal to you my leaders. May God give you wisdom to decide in honesty.

This is our only chance to cut a better deal for Porgera and it’s already set to go. Let’s see the big picture and secure the future of Enga and our children.




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