U.S Announces K200.5 Million PNG Electrification Partnership

U.S announces K200.5 million PNG Electrification Partnership

By The Sunday Bulletin| 02 November 2020.

U.S announces K200.5 million PNG Electrification Partnership
Monday 02nd November 2020

U.S Ambassador Madam McKee today announced US$57 million (K200.5 million) towards PNG Electrification Partnership. Newly appointed Energy Minister William Onglo applauded the U.S for their timely support especially with the country faced with frequent power blackouts.


By Patrick Sakal – NBC NEWS PNG | 25 February 2020.

United States Government has confirmed PNG will get K78million Aid for rural electrification and women development projects this year.

The five-year term contract for these projects will be awarded between June and July this year.

USAID Mission Director for the Philippines, Mongolia, and Pacific Islands, Lawrence Hardy confirmed this from Manila in a telephone interview with NBC News.

Mr. Hardy said K69million was allocated for assisting the PNG electrification partnership program for 2020.

He said the program will support the PNG government’s policy on rural electrification projects aiming at improving the livelihoods of the rural population.

The announcement signals a strong commitment from these countries to supporting growth enabling investment in key economic infrastructure in PNG.

Another K9million will go towards helping women development and prosperity initiatives which will strengthen, the women’s empowerment in the farming and fisheries sectors.

This funding from the US is the fulfillment of its commitment to the PNG Rural Electrification program.

Papua New Guinea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States have signed a Joint Statement to mark the announcement of this new multi-country initiative at APEC House on 18 November 2018.

This high-level partnership forms part of the enduring economic and security partnership between the countries.

The partnership is intended to be delivered in alignment with Papua New Guinea’s own plans and priorities and implemented in close conjunction with PNG Power Limited.

NBC News- Patrick Sakal


3 thoughts on “U.S Announces K200.5 Million PNG Electrification Partnership”

  1. As a rural dweller I’d like to commend the US government for the grand aid that would improve the lives of the 85% rural population of PNG..

    1. Well said Martin! We the people of Papua New Guinea needs to thank the United State. Power is something that can really bring a lot of change to the rural parts of Papua New Guinea. Hope the end results will achieve purpose of the aid.

  2. Thank you US for the AID and assistance. It will greatly improve our livelihood especially in the rural areas. US government must engage its own contractor to carry out the project. Because in PNG most AID and funds received from donor agencies are not fulling utilized because of corruption. Hope corruption wont interfere with this blessing

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