Wagambie concerned over recorded police beatings

Post by Charlie Clyde Tikaro

COMMANDER of NCD Central Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie (Jr) is utterly disappointed after viewing a recorded police beating incident captured on video and uploaded on social media lately.

The video footage showing three injured men lying on the road and repeatedly beaten by police has gone viral and Commander Wagambie wants this incident immediately investigated, reiterating earlier calls made by the Acting Police Commissioner David Manning.

Mr Wagambie is urging the person or people who captured the incident to contact his office immediately on telephone number 3244268 and provide statements for internal investigators to probe the incident and charge members of the Constabulary who were seen kicking, punching and beating the three men with sticks.

Mr Wagambie said “No one should be subjected to such beatings by police. It is against the law. If someone has committed an offence, the role of police is to arrest, charge and detain and allow the court to deal with the accused.”

The Commander admits the Constabulary has some disciplinary issues where police personnel are being accused of taking the law into their own hands causing a lot of complaints and internal investigations resulting in demotions and terminations over the years.

Mr Wagambie said, “The Constabulary’s internal investigation process is very effective and I can assure you that any member of the Constabulary who is found to have broken the law will be dealt with accordingly within the confines of the Constabulary’s standing orders and the law.”

The Commander is also calling on the victims seen in the video to come forward and provide their statements and medical reports so internal investigators can use these documents to press charges on the members implicated in this beating incident.

He urged members of the Constabulary deployed in NCD and Central province to perform their duties diligently and professionally by respecting the rights of citizens and according all offenders the protocol they deserve regardless of their aggressive attitude or arrogance towards police.

Anthony Wagambie (Jr) QPM DPS
Acting Assistant Commissioner
Commander NCD/Central


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1 thought on “Wagambie concerned over recorded police beatings”

  1. Video recording is the full evidence in itself self and if that does not carry then change the Laws to allow video recordings to be relied on to charge the officers. The safety of the person who recorded the video must be guaranteed otherwise just use the video recording as the base of evidence and charge the officers involved.