Wagambie orders NCD police to exercise restraint and common sense.

Wednesday 02nd October 2019
Posted by RPNGC

ACTING Assistant Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Junior has issued directives to police officers in the National Capital District to exercise restraint and common sense in the discharge of their duties.

Commander Wagambie issued the directive in light of the recent incident in Erima which has left two men dead and more than eight injured.

“At times communities are hostile to Police when we attend to complaints. When this happens Police are to immediately pull out and disengage and leave the matter to be attended to another day.

I will not risk police personnel in areas where the public do not cooperate and are hostile.

“I don’t want a repetition of what happened at Erima. Police will serve those who want to be policed. At the same time policemen are required to use common sense and good judgement as well.

For instance, in this situation if police were trying to confiscate illegal beer sales it would have been better if our approach was different. This could have been done in the daytime as the suspects are known and proper intelligence and assessment would have identified the risks involved.

“Different levels of crimes also require different levels of response and whether force is necessary. The suspects in this particular instance were known owners of trade stores selling illegally and could have been easily picked up the next day and processed accordingly thus preventing any violence and confrontation.

“For the Constabulary to regain the trust and confidence of the community the investigation into the shooting must be concluded soon to determine what happened and for us take action accordingly.

“Going forward I am directing members of the NCD Command to comply with the Constabulary’s Standard Operating Procedures on use of firearms and the use of deadly force and to exercise restraint and common sense at all times.

“Members will also be required to be disciplined and conduct themselves with a high level of honesty, integrity and commitment in the execution of their policing duties and responsibilities.

“For the command I will be placing more emphasis on frontline supervision, and for police officers to be more courteous in their approach to members of the public, after all, we exist to protect and serve them,” Commander Wagambie concluded.

Anthony Wagambie Jnr, DPS, QPM
Acting Commander
NCD/Central Divisional Command


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2 thoughts on “Wagambie Orders NCD Police to Exercise Restraint and Common Sense.”

  1. What do we expect,? We are training those police officer in just 6 months and they really dont know what is work etics and policing?
    Most of those police officers are using false certificates or certificates of their friends.
    Knowlede is one that we leak in our police department, if we can produce good and knowledeable police officers we will have some good officers. We are colleting rubbish from the street and these diseasters are inevitable .

    1. Tora, you have made a great point and this is the reality Papua New Guinea Royal Constabulary is facing. RPNGC needs to improve on its recruitment and training program to resort to some of these ongoing policing issues.