West Papuans to Seek Mass Political Asylum in Papua New Guinea.

West Papuans to Seek Mass Political Asylum in Papua New Guinea.

By Lewis Prai Wellip


The Deputy Regent of Nduga regency in West Papua, Mr Wentinus Nemiagge has warned the Indonesian Government and President Jokowi.

If they don’t withdraw all the troops (Organic and Non-organic) in the Ndugama region of West Papua within 2 months, he will have no choice but force mass evacuation of civilians to seek political asylum in neigbouring Papua New Guinea.

The warning comes amid ongoing clashes between Indonesian security forces and West Papua National Liberation Army or TPNPB-OPM. Currently over 50,000 civilians are displaced from their villages in the highlands of West Papua.

Over 200 people have died since Indonesian military bombed the villages in Ndugama region in 2018.

Indonesian Military is currently engaged in massive military operations in highlands of West Papua especially in;


Puncak Jaya,




Paniai, and


Indonesian military is also grabbing land and trying to build its new military Base without the approval of the local tribal leaders.

The situation in West Papua is a time-bomb and could trigger mass evacuation of civilians across the border.

Photos attached are images of innocent civilians shot by Indonesian military in Keneyam, Nduga regency in West Papua on 27th February 2020.

See full Press Release by Central Headquarters of TPNPB-OPM as per attached.



6 thoughts on “West Papuans to Seek Mass Political Asylum in Papua New Guinea.”

  1. I would like to receive more news such as this to spread through my social contacts mainly in Australia and other countries. While the government in Australia has always supported the Indonesian government, many Australians like myself do not!
    I was in the Australian Army when Australian troops trained Indonesian troops in Australia. I am sure that this has been ongoing. That makes our nation also responsible for the thousands of deaths in country since.

    1. Bill, thank you for sharing and spreading the news. Keep up the great job mate! We will you informed of any latest news we post on this site.

    1. D Burns, a good thought provoking questions. Sadly, millions of people around the world have also been asking the similar questions over many years, but the situation remains the same. What can we say further? FREEDOM! PNG received it on a golden plate. Our fellow Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua are still fighting and the blood of the lost ones are still calling our to the world for freedom. If UN can not come in and help for over many years past. Who else, nations in this world have greater power to stop the Indonesians. PNG is such simple, powerless nation, but firmly believe in the Creator of the Universe. The God who builds up kingdoms and tears down great powers and kingdoms is watching and hearing the cry of the West Papuans. HE will do the impossibles possible to the people of West Papua.

  2. Augustine Banovo

    What is the world doing about this. PNG, these are our wantoks, our relatives our neighbors culturally.

    It is a bloody massacre out in our faces.

    1. Augustine Banovo, United Nation has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the call of Freedom for West Papua. The act of the UN indirectly telling the Indonesian that what you are doing, we have not much to say about it, go ahead and do what ever you like to do to the West Papuans, because this is your country and they are your people, its a domestic issue so handle it yourself.

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