By The Sunday Bulletin|Sunday February 2nd, 2020

A MOST wanted foreign national wanted by Papua New Guinea authorities was finally nabbed by members of the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority Special Investigations team.

This foreigner identified as Avinash Rehab Krishna, aged 43 from Mumbai in India has being on the run evading authorities for over six (6) years and hopping from job to job to avoid detection until he was finally apprehended based on intelligence information.

Acting on the tip-off the team immediately conducted surveillance and nabbed him.

He retaliated and resisted authorities and escaped into the office and hot pursuit ensued and he was restrained and finally apprehended.

This foreigner was able to avoid detection from authorities as he was hiding in Mt Hagen and Jiwaka Provinces and used PNG women as conduits by engaging in marriages for convenience to so many different PNG women.
He has children from three different PNG women.

While in Port Moresby he was hiding in villages in the Central Province and moving in and out of NCD working for different companies.

He was arrested, charged and locked up at Boroko Police cells and investigations are continuing into suspected rackets involving foreigners and Papua New Guineans.

After his apprehension he was referred to Police National Fraud and Anti – Corruption Directorate.

Investigations will also include those companies that deliberately aided him by providing employment and accommodation despite him not having legitimate papers to be living and working in the country.

Acting Chief Migration Officer Robert Bara Kennedy said foreigners are welcomed come and invest and work in the country however while in the country they must respect our laws and citizens as we will not tolerate foreigners who want to abuse our laws and prey on our vulnerable citizens.

Mr Kennedy said this arrest must go out as a warning to illegal foreigners and those foreigners and Papua New Guineans who continue to harbour them illegal foreigners and foreigners conducting illegal businesses.

He said the Prime Minister James Marape and the Minister for Immigration Westley Nukundi Nukundj have already sounded a strong warning to illegal foreigners and those harboring them that they will face the consequences.

Prior to this arrest, 20 foreigners of Bangladesh origins were apprehended in a joint inspection conducted by Immigration and Labour Department in which some foreigners were arrested and charged while some were subjected to hefty fines by Labour Department and others still under-going investigations.

Mr Kennedy said “we have beefed up our Compliance Division with a Special Multi Task Investigations Unit headed by John Bria and there will be no escape for unscrupulous foreigners who are threat to national security.”

It is understood investigations are continuing with Detectives from the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate on a potential syndicate involving PNG Government officials and foreigners.



  1. Good job. All foreigners that runs small Asian stores must be investigate thoroughly and be able to provide all legal documents to substantiate their operations in PNG legally.

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