History will Judge Me on My Performances as It will Judge All Who went Before Me and Those Who will Come After Me

By James Marape | 21 November 2020.

Our country is built on democratic foundations that no one politician must break. Our Parliament, our Executive and our Judiciary are three seperate arms of governance of our country that operates within it’s legal mandate, processes and procedures.

What happened on Friday the 13th of November 2020 in haste and lust for POWER, broke Section 2(1)(a) of the organic law on calling of meetings of parliament, it also broke Standing Order’s section 43 and 47 in my advises views (without prejudice).

Laws are there to guide us to do the right thing. Least we forget the illegal hijack of power from GC Sir Somare in July of 2011, I am not going to allow this type of nonsense to happen again.

I am happy the matter is now in the custody of our Judiciary for their assessments of Parliament’s recent conduct. We must respect what ever the Court decides.

And my Government in the last 18 months, have not broken any laws to date and will not break any laws of our land going into the future. I am doing my best in one of the toughest times of our nation’s history, and I will keep on doing that.

This includes delivering Papua and Pasca LNGs, progressing P’Nyang, Pogera reopening and approving Wafi Golpu without sacrificing the principles of my generation of leaders.

Whilst managing dirty politics, and a Covid 19 induced contraction in our economy, we have also delivered on the following promises I made to the nation on 30th May 2019.

We have passed anti corruption laws like ICAC and Whistle Blowers Act that has been outstanding since the King of our country’s anti corruption fights, the late Anthony Siagiru over 25 years ago.

We have allowed our democratic institutions and pillars like Judiciary, Media and people to speak and operate at Will.

We have borrowed to retire expensive debts secured by former governments, with cheaper borrowing , including notably the first ever Australia Government interest free lending of $300 million in 2019.

We retiring outstanding State commitments of yester years including paying off all outstanding contracts on constructions that runs into over K2billion.

We have funded Bouganville in their endeavours to self govern and rebuilding of their region and their economy. Bougainvillians now know they have ears and advocates in Waigani for a fair way forward.

We have put money into programs for micro, small, medium and large businesses in our country. It is now available in BSP, and other partner banks for low 4-5% long term 15 to 20 years. This also includes our support for soft housing loans.

We have put money for agriculture price stabilisation so higher and better prices can be transferred to our growers and farmers. We put freight subsidy funds to compliment our agriculture focus.

We have put over K500 million to National highways and all roads throughout our country and have supported equally all districts and provinces. Works Dept will confirm that we started paying over K300m to all of O’Neill Government’s outstanding legal contracts.

We started the policies and legal reforms for greater benefits of our resources for landowners and our country including a much better outcome for Porgera.

We are working with Provinces to empower them fully with revenue generation powers instead of just symbolic and functional autonomy.

So work will go on and history will judge me on my performances as it will judge all who went before me and those who will come after me.

Those who went before me are lumped into the present Vanimo camp. That camp has 3 former PMs, 8 former DPMs, the movers and shakers of our country for the last 45 years.

It is only fair Vanimo residents ask them what they have done for Vanimo and West Sepik or PNG for that matter thus far? Ask them.

God bless PNG.







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