“Through your parent’s blessings God will grant you and your family your finest wishes in life. Commandment #4.”

Lessons: Nurse your dying parents yourself.

This photo reminds me of the time (2004-2005) me and my wife (Serina) with our 3 little children then(Josh 4, Noanne 1 & James new born in village) decided to live in our village (Gier and Gande in Gembogl, Simbu).

Both of us had resigned from work (me Oil Search Limited and Serina from High School Teaching) to spend entire twelve months with my old and sick mum and dad.

My wife nursed them everyday and night until both passed away 6 months apart. Caring for the old and sick before they pass on is a very difficult and challenging experience. Serina did a perfectly wonderful job (she was raised in a modern missionary home at SIL Ukarumpa and University educated) but to see her live like that with our 3 very young children was heartbreaking to say the least.

Mum and dads passing freed us to return to town life and seeking employment, we succeeded immediately. Two years later we moved overseas to live and work. The rest is now a beautiful history in memory only.

We share this wonderful journey to encourage you all that it is very very important to spend your time with you parents on the last year’s of their life to ensure that they pass on their blessing to you and your children.

Never abandon your old, sick and lonely parents.

May God bless those who love and care for their parents at old age to burial.

Parents need assurance that you will bury them yourself and not being buried by other people.

This act also helped all our 5 children to be deeply rooted back to our village. Village life and living has always been our childrens best experience. They prefer to and returned to the village schools for their education time and again. They fit perfectly in modern city dwelling as well as Rural dwelling. A double blessing.

We smiled for this photo not knowing that almost 20 years later all these would be beautiful memories. Our kunai haus at the back (it was from this kunai haus we planned our new modern home in the village and built it 7 years later).
Outcome: through your parents blessings God will grant you and your family your finest wishes in life. Commandment #4

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