"The commentary is my personal opinion and it does not represent my employer (GoPNG and Department of Health), my union body which I am its President, the University of Papua New Guinea - SMHS which I am a Honorary Lecturer in my Field of Specialty and the Rugby League Association (Port Moresby Rugby Football League Inc.) which I am aligned to."
 Dr James Naipao.

Papua New Guinea Covid-19: Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated - Are There Any Alternatives?

by Dr James Naipao (pictured) | share on 16 October 2021, Sunday Bulletin.

After twelve months of not commenting on Covid-19 (coronavirus), this is my first 2021 post on this subject matter.

Papua New Guinea Doctor's views of Covid-19 Vaccination

My commentary:

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated - covid-19. Any alternative?

Unvaccinated people will get covid-19.

Vaccinated persons are getting covid-19 too.

Unvaccinated people with covid-19 will spread covid-19.

Vaccinated persons with covid-19 will spread covid-19 too.

Few unvaccinated persons infected with covid-19 will die.

Few vaccinated persons infected with covid-19 will die too.

The current vaccination given are repeatedly every three months. That is what is taking place abroad and also here at home (PNG).

They are being vaccinated 1, 2 and 3 times. They might go for 4th vaccination drive too, and soon too.

What is happening with this repeated jab is perhaps a prophylaxis covid-19 vaccination drive, and it doesn't meet the criteria for true production of vaccination technology for humanity.

So far, these vaccines produced have not gone through vigorous testing and trials in stages and phases. Because of the Global Pandamic, emergency clearance was been given by the Global Authorities in Health to roll out these vaccines to combat this new human virus.

And, history of flu vaccines are that it does not last long, and therefore, the flu vaccine is repeatedly given seasonally and for those travelling overseas in a flu season in that country of visit.

Our neonatal and childhood vaccination/immunization have stood the test of time to now. Have a rethink on this, wonderful, isn't it?

Going for repeat vaccination in a short period doesn't go down well with the history of vaccination.

Virus infections have their typical presentation and targeted insult. So does Covid-19. Can we spend the resources also on the targets whilst following the 'Nuipela Pasin'? Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated will still have to follow the 'Nuipela Pasin' during this period.

Our resource targets should have been getting our health facilities equipped with oxygen, oxygen concentrators, PPEs, revamp and develop intensive care units in our hospitals and setting up separate isolation units.

A drug on covid-19 is being produced and will soon be on the shelves. The drug is expensive but a generic will be produced to bring the cost down.

But, instead of waiting for this to arrive, there are some available drugs that have been proven to deal with covid-19, and more so and to do, have been proven by meta-analysis studies, and has our government asked the Department of Health to look into this. In anticipation, we should have gone in this path.

The vaccination is not compulsory but voluntary. And, it is the government's duty to take care of the unvaccinated population too and this number is overwhelming.

My condolences to those that have passed on during this Global Covid-19 Pandemic.

Again, what is written above is my personal opinion.

Thank you.

Words and image credited to Dr James Naipao.

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